A Fabulous Festival To Remember – Part Four

I’m almost at the end of my Harrogate Crime Festival trip. Click for parts one, two and three if you missed them.

Last week, I left you with thoughts of another encounter with Harlan Coben. Well, it really hadn’t been enough that he’d spoken to me on the Friday and asked me how I was – I simply had to meet him properly. And meet him properly I did, as this photo shows (please excuse the smug smile on my face).

Even though there were many other fans who wanted him to sign their books, he took time to chat and answer my questions about his characters. He really was the perfect gentleman and signed his latest book, Run Away, for me. And he thinks I rock! (well, that’s what he wrote inside the book, under my name. And no, of course, he didn’t write that in everyone else’s book…)

My lovely friend, Jill, also had her photo taken with Harlan and her book signed (I must check with her to see if he thinks she rocks too…) just before I did and as I left Harlan, ever so slightly starstruck, I saw she was talking to someone. As I approached them, Jill introduced me to her friend, Diane Jeffrey, author of Those Who Lie, He Will Find You and The Guilty Mother. Diane was a pleasure to talk to and agreed to be interviewed for a new slot on my blog. If you missed her interview, click here.

It was approaching 10.30pm and the hotel and its grounds were buzzing. The place was alive with chatter and excitement and neither my partner nor I felt like leaving yet. The Festival had one more day to go. We had only planned to stay for the Friday and Saturday, and we didn’t have anything else booked, but we didn’t feel ready to leave just yet…


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7 Responses to A Fabulous Festival To Remember – Part Four

  1. Indeed, a lovely smile, Esther. A 60s Rock Chick!!!!!

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  2. Ritu says:

    Sounds great, and you were positively glowing, there!

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