Bite Size Writing Tips

Thinking about writing an article about a special anniversary date? Some anniversary pieces feature the same information again and again. If you can find a different angle and make a tired theme fresh, then your article is more likely to catch an editor’s eye.

Give yourself plenty of time to write your anniversary piece before the actual anniversary. It may take you a while to research the person/event and then to check all your facts.


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6 Responses to Bite Size Writing Tips

  1. Ritu says:

    Good advice there. I always find putting your personal spin on pieces like that make all the difference!

  2. I would never write about an anniversary unless I was killing off my hubby. He’s in my good books at the moment so it is unlikely [giggle].

  3. Simon says:

    This is a good point, trying to make something about the same thing is difficult but would shine out if you can.

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