Winning Ways

Have you entered a writing competition recently and not come anywhere? You’re not alone. I remember that sinking feeling, when I clicked on a link to the shortlisted entries and my name wasn’t among those on the list. But I wasn’t about to give up and kept studying prize-winning stories. What was it about them that made the judge pick them out? The writing? The story? The characters? If there’s a judge’s report, read it to see why they chose that particular story as the winning one.

It was a wonderful feeling when I had my first competition win. Want to feel that buzz and excitement but don’t know where to start? Then take a look at the winning stories from The Writers Bureau’s short story competition, as well as the judge’s comments.


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6 Responses to Winning Ways

  1. sanandi-jacq says:

    Been there. Done that. Keeping calm and carrying on regardless.

  2. I get the point, Esther – and you’re proof of what you say – I’ve got both books of your short stories, enjoyed them, and use them as a guide to winning ways – but, dare I say so many (not all!) winning entries I read in writing magazines leave me cold and with a need to quickly turn the page!

  3. I often don’t enjoy winning stories and, especially, winning poems. It sometime feel as if to win some competitions you have to write about miserable things and not fun and imaginative things.

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