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I know that many of you are inspired by a theme so here’s one for you from The Fiction Desk: Houses and homes. Want to know more? Here’s what they have to say:

‘There should be plenty here for short story writers to get their teeth into: from domestic dramas to haunted houses, it’s an opportunity to explore psychology, class, politics, generational and cultural divides and a whole host of other issues.

In the UK (where The Fiction Desk is based), rising house prices have impacted hugely on the lives of their inhabitants and reshaped whole communities, as have the tensions between the different roles that housing plays: not just homes but investments, refuges, businesses, repositories of family memories. The conversation is by no means limited to Britain, either: as always, international contributions are very welcome’.

The fee for sending a story is £3. Any stories accepted for publication will receive payment. To find out more about this, the word count and how to send your stories, visit the submissions page. There’s no rush to send your story – you have until the end of September.


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  1. Now this really does sound interesting.

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