Book Or Film?

In my blog post last Friday, I asked you what books you were reading and you had plenty of interesting answers. One thread to come out of the comments was whether you like to see the film of the book, after you’ve read the book, or do you prefer it the other way round and to see the film first?

I have to admit, I like to read the book first and for the author to take me on the characters’ journeys, painting pictures in my mind as we go. I’m sometimes a little reluctant to see the film of the book. Will it let me down? What if I don’t like the actors they’ve chosen? What if they’ve changed the story slightly to suit the big screen?

How about you? I’d love to know what you think.


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16 Responses to Book Or Film?

  1. trentpmcd says:

    I’m one that the book is not just better, but better by a million fold. I have almost never enjoyed a movie after reading the book but I have enjoyed books after seeing the movie.

  2. I tend to watch the movie first, and then maybe read the book. Sometimes, they can be quite different even though the movie is based on the book.

  3. Ritu says:

    Book first then film. And usually the book is always better!

  4. I have recently listened to HG Wells’ books War of the Worlds and I have nearly finished The Time Machine. I have seen movies of both of these many years ago. The movies contain none of the interesting philosophy and discussion on the nature of man and how we could evolve that the books contain. There were the best parts for me so the films are a shadow of the books. I usually feel like this so I just don’t watch movies.

  5. So many films take liberties with books nowadays but get away with it by saying the film is based on a book by so and so – so not it – well not if you’ve read it!

  6. amydwestphal says:

    Book first usually. But if I see a movie I like, I always look for a book after

  7. ellenbest24 says:

    One in particular springs to mind “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” The original book published by Random House by Deborah Mogach Titled “These Foolish Things.” I excitedly purchased it in 2006 and relished the sights and smells of India. I finished the book and kept it close for many weeks popping in and out to see how she made each scene come to life every character intrinsically entwined. In 2009 I was working in New Delhi and the company I worked/represented sponsored the Film. Come 2012 I was excited to watch the film. The cast was magnifiscent some of them I was afforded the pleasure of meeting (all be it briefly). The film/screen play was very different to that book, but I enjoyed both and was glad the gap between reading and watching them was big enough to see them as individual in their own right.

  8. JM Williams says:

    For me, films are just more time efficient, so that’s where I usually go. And, while there are many books that are better than their films, there are an equal number that are not. Books often get filled with unnecessary padding that is removed when the films is made.

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