Bite Size Writing Tips

The TV – a source of inspiration for writing?

In many houses, the TV is the focal point of the room and we spend a lot of our relaxation time watching it. Visit your local newsagents and you’ll see a lot of shelf space taken up with TV magazines. Most of these have letters pages so if coverage of a documentary programme has inspired you to take a course, this is just the sort of letter which will stand out. Or if a soap opera’s storyline has touched you or irritated you, write a letter about it and earn yourself some cash. 

TV programmes are also an excellent source of ideas. Have you ever watched a TV drama, which doesn’t end the way you thought it would? Was your ending better? You can take your ending idea and work it into your own story.

A funny incident on a video clips show may stir a memory of something funny that happened to you. Lots of magazines publish humorous anecdotes.

An historical programme about a time past can start you thinking ‘what if that didn’t happen?’ An alternative history could make an interesting and compelling book.


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9 Responses to Bite Size Writing Tips

  1. I never, ever watch TV so I won’t be able to get ideas from there. I get my ideas from current events and researching ghost stories. There just isn’t time for me to watch TV and I don’t enjoy it.

  2. fenlandphil says:

    I am not a great TV watcher I can’t cope with background music being played whilst people are speaking. Probably watch about 3 or 4 hours a week. My wife has it on to help with her tinnitus but I watch very little. I get my inspiration cycling or walking.

  3. Susan says:

    I have done marathon watching of Grays Anatomy because they do a good job of giving the main characters depth to their personalities and life outside of work. It helps with stories set in hospitals. Now, the fact that everyone is soooooo darn good looking during their 12 hour exhausting days, that just makes me giggle.

  4. JM Williams says:

    Interestingly, the episodic, shared-universe series I write for Fiction Vortex are basically TV in print. The format is very good for storytelling, if you do it right.

  5. Simon says:

    I know what would happen I would start in the path of something and then take it somewhere completely different.

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