Bite Size Writing Tips

Not sure how to end your short story? Well, don’t do it this way!

Finishing your story with a cunning twist can make for a very effective ending and leave your readers admiring your brilliance. However, a lot of magazine editors and competition judges complain that they see the same twist endings again and again. Ones to avoid include :

  • The main character turning out to be a dog or a cat.
  • A spouse’s strange behaviour leading their other half to think they’re having an affair when really they’re organising a surprise party.
  • A person who is seen at a time and place they couldn’t possibly have been turning out to have a twin.

These are just a few among a very long list.


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13 Responses to Bite Size Writing Tips

  1. I shall be interested to hear your opinion of the way Knight after Knight ends (early next year as scheduled)

  2. Prior... says:

    Good tip – and I like the word porn quite –
    That is something we were chatting up yesterday – let’s not miss the small beauty in a song – sunset – or like that quite said – “galaxies in coffee”

  3. No cats or dogs (or twin or party) for me – a robin maybe … intrigued to see a longer list?

  4. I have never even thought of these items, Esther. I would love to see the longer list.

  5. JM Williams says:

    I think twist endings can be dangerous. It cannot just be a random thing, there needs to be hints and foreshadowing in the story, otherwise readers will feel cheated.

  6. Simon says:

    Oh wow, they are a bit lame…

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