A Walk In The Woods – Another Sneak Peek

It’s a week to go until the launch of my book of short stories (A Walk In The Woods). Last week, I gave you a sneak peek of part of the first story. Would you like some more? Here’s part of another story for you:


Mummy has gone mad. I don’t like her like this. She’s pulling at her hair and stamping her feet. Now she’s crying. I’m crying too.

“Mummy?” I take a step towards her.

“George? George, is that you?” her blue eyes stare into mine.

“No, Mummy, it’s Anne. Daddy’s not here.”

“No!” her screams are as loud as the air-raid siren. “Bring him back. Do you hear me? George!” She shakes me.

I hope I am dreaming a horrible, horrible dream. I try to open my eyes, but they are already open. My nightmare is real.

“Joan, what’s going on?” Mrs Edwards from two doors down bangs on the window.

“No. Please, no,” Mummy lets me go and falls to the ground.

“Joan. Oh my goodness,” Mrs Edwards is in the room, “Anne, you’re as white as a sheet. What’s happened?”

“Mummy…” I am trembling and I can’t see out the mist of tears hanging over me.

“I’d better fetch the doctor. You stay there, Anne,” Mrs Edwards says.

“It was this letter. She read this and then she went all funny,” I pick up the piece of paper from the floor and hand it to her.

“Missing, presumed killed,” she mumbles. “Anne, I’m so sorry.”


If you’d like to read the full story, you can order the book from Amazon anywhere in the world, but here are the details to pre-order from Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US).


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5 Responses to A Walk In The Woods – Another Sneak Peek

  1. Oooh, this is very emotional, Esther. I am sure I pre-ordered this book but I will check. I have a good forgetory [smile]

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