A Walk In The Woods – A Sneak Peek…

As many of you know, my books of short stories, A Walk In The Woods is available to pre-order from Amazon (UK) and Amazon (US). Would you like a sneak peek and to read part of the first story? Well, here you go:

A Walk in the Woods

“Look at that, Jenny. Quick! Over there,” I say, my finger jabbing in the air, pointing at the two squirrels darting in and out of the trees.

She laughs, a melodious chuckle bubbling in her throat. Her eyes dance in delight at the spectacle, following the grey blur of fur as the animals race up a tree trunk, disappearing into a sea of brilliant auburns, rusts and coppers. A branch bounces up and down and golden leaves tumble to the ground to nest with others who’ve found a new home on the forest floor.

I suck in a deep breath. Then blow it out. Tears sting. I push them away. Not now. I won’t let them ruin this moment. 

The snap of a twig torn in two whips my head round. A man and woman, their arms wrapped around one another, stroll close by before heading down another path.

I turn back to Jenny. I can’t see her…

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15 Responses to A Walk In The Woods – A Sneak Peek…

  1. Gary says:

    Just ordered; looking forward to it!

  2. Ritu says:

    Preordered xx

  3. Reblogged this on EDC Writing – Believing Sight Unseen and commented:
    If you like short stories …

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