A Lighter Look At Life

While in a shop over the summer, I overheard a gentleman talking to one of the assistants.

“Do you have a casserole?” he asked.

The assistant looked a little puzzled for a moment before taking him over to the casserole dishes.

“Well, one of those isn’t going to keep the sun off my head, is it?” the man said in disgust, turning one of the dishes upside down and holding it over his head. “And I need one for the garden.”

“Ah, does sir mean a parasol?” the assistant asked, enlightenment dawning.

“That’s what I said,” the man insisted.

And, of course, the customer is always right… 


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6 Responses to A Lighter Look At Life

  1. Hahahahaha. Absolute corker. Sounds like something out of a sitcom 🙂

  2. teachezwell says:

    That’s hilarious! Thanks for the laughter.

  3. RhScribbles says:


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