I Challenge You To…

My challenge for you this week is happiness. What makes you happy? Chocolate? Wine? Going on holiday? Making someone smile? I’d love to know. Limericks, poems, stories and anecdotes gratefully received.

I invited you to let rip last week and to rant about anything and everything. Here are a few of your rants:

George Roseby:

Brexit! No, only kidding! Well, I’m not but I think everyone’s fed up with that one. My rant is about restaurants always running out of whatever I want to order. I’ll look at the menu, see a lovely sticky toffee pudding, and my mouth will water – only to be told, ‘We’ve just run out. If you’d been five minutes quicker…’ If only!

Ruth Scribbles:


Val Fish:

Why after a hard day at the office
Do I always find waiting for me
A card lying on the doormat
Re an attempted delivery?

‘We tried to deliver your parcel,
It was too big to fit through the box,
Can you kindly come and collect it,
We close at eight o’clock.’

But at seven on a Saturday morning,
There’s a rat a tat tat at my door
Rousing me from peaceful slumber
Is that what you call Postie’s Law ?

Sally Sutton:

I hate soap operas! I know; you’re probably hissing and booing at me. But the storylines are ridiculous, characters come back from the dead, marry, then divorce, then marry again, divorce again…

Rachel Stewart:

One thing that really annoys me is people chewing gum, especially waiting staff when they’re taking your order. It’s so rude!

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9 Responses to I Challenge You To…

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  2. I have realised that I am an obssessive workaholic, Esther. I am happiest when I am working on something I enjoy, whether it be research, writing, baking or fondant art.

  3. fenlandphil says:

    I like Val’s poem.
    Personally, for me, there is much to rant about, I have gone to an angry young man to being an angry old man with just it seems, a short mellow period in between the two stages.

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