I Challenge You To…

This week’s challenge is to tell me about your favourite RANT! We all have something that annoys us, whether it’s politics, people, work, a song… Whatever your rant, I’d love to know about it. You can even turn it into a limerick, poem or story, if you’d like.

Last week’s challenge was favourite films. Here are a few of yours:


When it comes to films I favour,
The old ones are the best,
With some melancholy flavour,
or about that Wild, Wild West.
Films by Fox or Metro Goldwyn Meyer,
about gangsters like Al Capone,
or something altogether gayer,
a jolly musical with a lighter tone.
Calamity Jane with Doris Day,
gives me more joy than I can say,
but my favourite film of all,
the one I watch when I’m feeling weary,
Is not at all a happy tale,
it’s neither jolly or very cheery,
People may think I’m odd,
but its the one pleasure I’ll not rescind,
my favourite film of all time is,
The Epic Gone with the Wind.

Chelsea Owens:

There once was a man on a desk
Who, headphones on, laid for a rest.
‘Knock knock,’ his screen read;
Then, from agents he fled.
Next time, Neo should login as ‘Guest.’


My favourite movie is Alice in Wonderland (Disney). I just love the characters and the songs. My favourite song is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfmAzoILaK8

Alyson Faye


Skimming the stars

riding diamond studded meteors

seeking a horizon

always receding.

Smiling for the cameras

a chimera for the masses,

Ecstasy –

a drug to soak up

to feed the parasite within.

The highs and lows

of being

the Blonde

the whole world knows –

and longs to own.

Inside the fractured

little girl lost – Norma Jeane:

reborn as celluloid Venus,

gifted Immortality

an infinity of Marilyns

for our consumption.

Ellie Campbell:

Mine has to be Dirty Dancing. ‘Nobody puts baby in a corner’. My heart was lost when Patrick Swayze said that!

Timothy Partridge:

Any James Bond film. Well, if pushed, I’d have to argue that The Man With The Golden Gun is my favourite – thanks to Christopher Lee’s Scaramanga. A brilliant baddie!


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9 Responses to I Challenge You To…

  1. All good, ESther, but the one about Sherlock Holmes was so funny!

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  2. RhScribbles says:

    Do we do a ping back ?


  3. Pingback: Deductibles and refunds-limerick rant – Ruth Scribbles

  4. Valerie Fish says:

    Why after a hard day at the office
    Do I always find waiting for me
    A card lying on the doormat
    Re an attempted delivery

    ‘We tried to deliver your parcel,
    It was too big to fit through the box,
    Can you kindly come and collect it,
    We close at eight o’clock’

    But at seven on a Saturday morning,
    There’s a rat a tat tat at my door
    Rousing me from peaceful slumber
    Is that what you call Postie’s Law ?

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