A Lighter Look At Life

Unwanted Gifts

It is the worst time of year,

One that fills me with great fear,

It’s my birthday next week, you see,

I know I should be filled with glee,

To receive presents and gifts galore,

But I don’t want them, not anymore,

Not out-of-date sweets from Uncle Ken,

Or twee ornaments yet again,

I don’t want toasters or a wok,

Nor an annoying cuckoo clock,

I’ve earrings coming out of my ears,

And smellies just reduce me to tears,

Though there is one thing that would be quite grand,

And that’s money. I’m sure you understand. 


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2 Responses to A Lighter Look At Life

  1. Cathy Cade says:

    ‘I’ve given up birthdays,’ I tell my offspring.
    They’re afraid I’ll expect them to do the same thing.

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