I Challenge You To…

How’s your New Year going? I hope it’s going well so far. Last week’s challenge was all about New Year Resolutions. This week’s challenge is:

Famous People

Please send me your limericks, poems and stories – about anyone who’s famous. Here are your New Year resolutions from last week:

Val Fish:

I resolved to give up the booze
But I’ve got the January Blues
A large G and T
Cries ‘Drink me, drink me!’
It’s an offer I can’t refuse.

Ruth Scribbles:



As for me I don’t make resolutions as I think they’re rather silly.
Keeping up with it all makes me feel rather illy (you see what I did there?)
I’m now trying to think of something funny to say to keep a little rhyme going… but I can’t!

Steve Walksy:



I don’t make resolutions,
I find it’s best all round
It makes for fewer confusions
when I break my word, I’ve found.
It may be a big tradition,
but I find I feel more free,
if rather than vow to change my ways,
I just go on being me.


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13 Responses to I Challenge You To…

  1. When It comes to being famous,
    You can keep that kind of life,
    The wild parties couldn’t tame us,
    and I’d hate that paparazzi strife.
    We would rather watch them on the telly,
    all the glitzy glamour that you see,
    It’s fine for Brad Pitt or Grace Kelly,
    but No, it’s not the life for me.


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  2. ellenbest24 says:

    I no longer sport the figure that Emily Blunt fans desire.
    I have not got the energy to Stoke the devils fire.
    My stage is a sheet of paper where my words like to stray.
    I am no Elizabeth Gilbert, who wrote Eat Sleep Pray.
    But I feel this year is my turn
    to put my baby to the test,
    Beneath my gibbering fear
    There is an Author who could be better than the rest.

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  3. joylennick says:

    Oh, how many siblings marble–cold cheeks did she kiss
    before her sweet neglected lips felt their time, so brief, of bliss?
    How many days and nights did her heart mourn
    for happier times, so people-filled,
    replaced by lonely, empty dawns?

    And yet, unless contrarily, her own words could impart,
    perhaps her own creation filled a vacuum in her heart?
    Did “Jane” replace her sisters –
    she she play that crucial part?

    In literary history “Jane” sits upon a throne –
    created by more than ink and quill
    a revered imagination, diligence-
    a will of steel.

    Currer Belll or Charlotte
    encouraged by faith and flair –
    claimed, repudiating other works…
    her masterpiece, “JANE EYRE.”

    Joy Lennick (My favourite book) and…


    He thought he belonged “To the haves and the haves not..”
    “Was born with a silver spoon in his mouth;”
    “Had a finger in every pie…”
    Thought “The sky’s the limit!”
    Was ambitious: said”You’ve seen nothing yet.”
    Paid “In his own coin.”
    But when things went wrong…
    He put “Too many eggs in one basket.”
    Became bitter, said “Thanks for nothing!”
    And said to his betrayers:
    -“You’ve sent me on a wild goose chase.”
    “Mind your own business.”
    “I smell a rat!”
    He then decided to: “Turn over a new leaf.”
    Oh, poor, misguided Don Quixote.

    Joy Lennick

    With my best wishes for the New Year. xx

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  4. An old one ( the poem and it’s writer) I happened to come across this afternoon which kind of fits the bill:

    The rhythm of ‘Hello’
    not Lionel’s or Adele’s
    groove like Fred and Wilma
    stone age moves and inclination
    procreation and survival
    bass instincts ever timeless

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