Bite Size Writing Tips

Write About…Your Own Experiences

Open up any of the women’s weeklies and you’ll see pages and pages of true-life stories. These range from stories about ‘my operation’, to overcoming an illness/divorce/death in the family, to doing something special, to an amusing pet story. If you did something a little different for your 40th/50th/60th/70th birthday, you could write up your own story for one of the magazines. Similarly a woman’s weekly would love to hear about how you recovered from life threatening surgery and went on to have a baby/jump out of a plane/gain a well-earned degree. Your experience needn’t be sensational. True, the magazines do feature many jaw dropping stories, but they also publish lots of heart-warming ones. 

There are plenty of other magazines that want to know about your experiences e.g. there are several cat and dog magazines which invite owners’ stories. Or if keeping chickens is more your thing, there’s a growing number of smallholder magazines crying out for useful information and advice.

It’s easy to overlook your experiences and to believe that no one would want to hear about them. But be assured, they certainly do e.g. if you volunteer for a charity on a regular basis or were made redundant and have started your own business, one of the women’s glossies is likely to want to hear about it.   


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10 Responses to Bite Size Writing Tips

  1. This makes sense as other people who haven’t had the same experience might like to learn from it/hear about it.

  2. Simon says:

    Hmmm…. interesting. It makes you think there’s more out there to do. I remember I once looked into writing my experiences in a technical magazine, they wanted to have sole ownership of the work and for no cost to them. Weirdly I lost interest.

  3. Reblogged this on Author Don Massenzio and commented:
    Check out this Bite Size Writing Tip from this post on Esther Chilton’s blog.

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