I Challenge You To…

Here’s a new photo prompt for you this week. I hope it sets your mind thinking of stories, poems and limericks.



Last week, Sharon Harvey provided the photo prompt. If you feel inspired and would like to send something in, it’s not too late. Here’s the prompt:

Sharon's photo


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9 Responses to I Challenge You To…

  1. I use a screen reader called Job Access with Speech which allows me, as a blind person to use my windows PC. JAWS can only read text formats, so I don’t know what Sharon’s photo is. Please can you describe it? I see that this week’s challenge is “deer” (as JAWS can read the text here). Thanks, Kevin

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  2. valfish56 says:

    The guests have all gone, and I’m sitting on our bed, our wedding photograph in my hands.
    I brush my fingers across your face, imagining the taste of your lips on mine, wishing I could have just one last kiss.
    I close my eyes and I can see you standing at the altar. I remember you turning your head and smiling and my nerves simply melting away.
    I hear the music; ‘How Great Thou Art’; I sang it for you again today, were you listening?
    I chose freesias for you today my darling, just as I carried in my bouquet all those years ago; their sweet perfume so evocative.
    I go to the wardrobe and fish out your old scarf, wasn’t it only a few weeks ago you wore it last? I hold it to my face, feeling the softness against my cheek.
    I drink in the faint aroma of Paco Rabanne.
    Pieces of you, keeping you close.

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  4. Here’s my take: https://padresramblings.wordpress.com/2018/11/30/gravy/ I have tried to fit it into a series of short profile pieces I am working on. Thanks for the opportunity.

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