I Challenge You To…

Photo Challenge

Last week’s challenge was actually spread out over two weeks. Thank you for your patience! This week’s challenge is a photo prompt. I hope it sparks lots of ideas – for limericks, stories and poems:


What’s the significance of the door? What or who is lurking behind it? It’s all up to you and your imagination.

My previous challenge was to write about favourite places to visit. Here are some of yours:


Where I to tell you my favourite place
Your innocent face
Would blush
And you would rush
So I had better not say …

That I could
Dissolve into this wood
And become one with the breeze
Which sways these

But I must
Walk through London’s dust
Though I
Long for the empty sky
And the pure breeze
Which sways those ancient trees.

Keith Channing:

In Munnar, the lush tea plantation
Leads up almost to the hill station
Its vista of green
Is the best I have seen
My favourite place to vacation.


You may think me quite mad
I’ll admit to it too,
The place I love to visit
It’s not very far or new.
It isn’t very hot,
Nor it is very cold
There’s lots to see and do
If you like stuff that’s rather old
You may agree with me,
You may think me wrong or right,
But the place I like to visit most
Is the good old Isle of Wight.

Crushed Caramel:



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15 Responses to I Challenge You To…

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  2. What’s behind a door?
    A gateway to your desires?
    Or your own prison?

    A Haiku for you 🙂

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