I Challenge You To…

This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:

Favourite songs/music artists

Last week’s theme was favourite books. They clearly mean a lot to you. Some of the pieces are here, while you’ll find others by following the links:

Keith Channing

A handful of my favourite books
Have made it to the screen
If you’ll allow, I’ll start right now,
I’ll try to set the scene:

‘A Game of Thrones’ from Ice and Fire
The Twilight Zones close to the wire
Sweet Jessica Jones, sometimes draconian
And, of course, Bones (from the Smithsonian)

Super-heroes by the score
Cops and spies and sleuths galore
All my faves, from classics to Sci-Fi
Are on my Kindle (thanks to WiFi)
With so many volumes to be read
It’s a wonder I’m ever out of bed!

MWS R Writing




Melanie B Cee


Bitchin’ in the kitchen


Sharon Harvey has sent in an extract of her book:

Secrets ©

Chapter One

Every time I went past the house I was mesmerised by it.

It was such a big house, its appearance suggested it was a very old house. Its garden was huge, very overgrown with grass and weeds and along with its huge steel wrought iron gates made it look very spooky. Its curtains were very old and dirty.

I’d been past it a few times and on one of the occasions, a strange feeling came over me. It was a feeling of enticement, luring me through the crumbly gates. I could hear strange voices, gently whispering me to go through the gates.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I gently opened the gates and stepped forward. I went up to the front door and slowly reached for the handle. The door creaked slightly as it opened with ease. I didn’t go straight in, I allowed the door to open wide slowly, allowing the inside to become visible to me, so I knew what I was seeing first. Once I had looked, and everything seemed reasonably ok, I stepped inside, curiosity still getting the better of me.

“Hello, is anyone here?” I shouted first, to make sure there were no one there, so they wouldn’t be annoyed that I had just walked into their home uninvited.

The place was very empty, but everything was neat and tidy and in place, but there was a distinct smell of dust and authenticity about the place.  Everything about the place was old, as if it was stuck in time, its contents and curtains at the Windows which looked as if they were in badly in need of a good wash.

I could still feel the strange feeling I had encountered outside, a strong magnetic pull, and the strange whispering, as I looked at the stairs and walked towards them. I climbed each step slowly, looking up the stairs as I went. When I reached the top, I stood and stared around, taking in what I was seeing.

I heard a noise in one of the bedrooms to my left, and I decided to investigate. I slowly took hold of the door handle and turned it but it wouldn’t open. I tried again, but again, the door remained closed. I shrugged and began to walk away. A few steps away, the door suddenly opened. I stopped and just stood where I was, wondering what was happening and what I was about to face. I slowly turned around and saw the door slightly ajar. Anyone else would have run at this point but no, curiosity got the better of me, and frowning, I walked very slowly towards the door. I reached very slowly for the door to open it more so I could see what lay inside before me. I slowly opened it and equally as slow, I walked in, again, taking in what I saw as I entered. The room was just like the rest of house, old looking, covered in dust and some items covered by sheets. I stood there puzzled, I had heard a noise in here, the door hadn’t suddenly opened itself so what the hell was happening?

I looked around again to make sure. Nothing, so I shook my head and turned around to walk out and shut the door as I did so. As soon as I had done so though, I heard another noise coming from one of the other bedrooms. Not again, I thought. I slowly turned towards the noise and once again curiosity got the better of me, and I went to investigate. I reached once again for the handle and turned it, hearing the noise inside. The door opened easily. I took a deep breath and then pushed it open further, entering slowly as I did. Inside, there were toys, one of which was doing a little dance. I frowned at it and walked over to it and picked it up. It had a winder at the back, which meant it had to be wound up to dance. There was no one in the room so who the hell had wound it up? I put it down quickly and walked to the door in quick strides. As I reached it though, one of the other dolls started dancing too. I jumped around quick and stared unbelieving, its wind up button visible at the back. I turned again quickly and raced through the door, shutting it behind me. I stopped, listening intently at the door – nothing. I frowned. I wasn’t happy, something was bothering me. I decided it was time to leave. I ran down the stairs, heading for the door when the flickering light in the lounge caught my attention. It was flashing on and off. It stopped me in my tracks but after looking at it confused and bewildered for a few seconds i decided to leave for my own sake. I rushed to the door and grabbed the handle, it allowed itself to be opened, I ran through the door and down the driveway as fast as I could till I was safely through its iron gates and stopped, out of breath, bent over my hands on my legs trying to regulate my breathe. Once that had been done, I stood up straight, turned around and stared, unbelieving.

The house stood so quiet and still after seeing all that activity with in it walls. I couldn’t believe it and walked away, unawares that behind me in one of the top windows, a frail bony hand with fingerless gloves, moved the curtain too watch me and put it back again…




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  3. At the ages of twelve or thirteen
    What an innocent time that had been
    But alone in the dark
    With Petula Clark
    My dreams became almost… no, can’t say that – it’s highly inappropriate

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