Wonderful Words

I’ve covered many different ways of generating ideas for your writing over the last few weeks. Here is another idea for you: Pick up a book and open it up at a random page. What’s the first word you see? Write it down, then repeat the process another four times and then generate a story/poem with those words in. I tried this and here are my five words:

  • Birthday
  • Worms
  • Mouth
  • Triangle
  • World

I decided to write a children’s story using those words:

Clarissa’s Cake

It was Clarissa’s birthday. Clarissa wanted a birthday cake. And not just any birthday cake.

“I want a big birthday cake,” Clarissa said. “The biggest birthday cake in the world.”

Clarissa and her mummy walked round and round the cake shop in search of the best big birthday cake.

“What about this one?” Clarissa’s mummy asked.

Clarissa looked at the cake. It was big, with pink and purple icing dripping down over a soft sponge.

“No, I want a bigger cake,” Clarissa said, sulking.

Clarissa’s mummy sighed. “What about this one?” she pointed to a bigger cake.

The cake was yellow, with yummy sugary sweets on top.

“No, I want a much bigger cake,” Clarissa said, stamping her feet.

Clarissa’s mummy frowned. “What about this one?” she asked, finding a much bigger cake.

The cake was a terrific triangle shape in magnificent mauve with marshmallows clinging to the sides.

“No, I want an even bigger cake,” Clarissa said, sucking her thumb and twiddling her hair.

Clarissa’s mummy walked to the back of the cake shop. Clarissa’s mummy didn’t sigh. Clarissa’s mummy didn’t frown. For Clarissa’s mummy had found an even bigger cake.

“What about this one?” she pointed to the biggest cake in the world.

Clarissa and her mummy looked up and up and up. They looked up as far as they could see and still the cake went up and up.

“Yes, I want that cake,” Clarissa said, smiling and jumping up and down.

The cake seemed to shimmer and change colour.

“Yummy,” Clarissa said, “look, it’s changed into a chocolate cake now.”

The shopkeeper winked at Clarissa’s mummy. And Clarissa’s mummy winked back.

“Look, now it’s an orange cake. It’s changed again. It’s a lemon cake now,” Clarissa said, squirming with excitement.

“Would you like to try some?” the shopkeeper asked.

“Yes, I want some now,” Clarissa said, snatching a huge handful of cake.

Clarissa tipped her head back and opened her mouth very, very wide. Then she gulped the cake down in one go.

“Ugh!” Clarissa said, screwing up her face, “it’s horrible. It tastes like grass. No, it tastes like mud. No, now it tastes like worms.”

Clarissa chomped and chewed. But the more she chomped and chewed the more horrible the flavours became.

“Perhaps you would prefer this cake?” the shopkeeper said.

Clarissa looked at the cake in the shopkeeper’s hands. It was small and round and covered in white icing. The words, ‘Happy Birthday’ were printed in rainbow letters on the top and pretty ponies and flowers circled the words.

Clarissa nodded. It was perfect.

“Thank you very much,” Clarissa said.

As she said the words, the biggest cake in the world disappeared and so did the terrible taste in her mouth.

Clarissa clutched her birthday cake in one hand and her mummy’s hand in the other. And together they went home. 



Photo credit: Vision




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2 Responses to Wonderful Words

  1. Beautiful story. Esther you’re a genius. Give me tasks to prove myself…once again!

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