I Challenge You To…

This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:


Last week’s theme was things that make you happy. Here are some of the funny and heart-warming pieces you sent in:

Keith Channing sent in an amusing poem:

If you asked me for a list
Of the things that get me pissed
I could bend your ear until the cows come home
But the things that make me happy
Or at least a bit less crappy
Make a leaner though a much more cheery tome.

Kristian has written a poem, which ticks the box for last week’s theme of friends as well as this week’s theme:


Val Fish has written a super limerick:

I am the world’s worst pessimist
My shrink asked me to make a list
Of happy thoughts
My total, nought
I left feeling even more pissed!

And please welcome aramblingcollective who has shared a piece ‘On the Cusp’ with us:




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13 Responses to I Challenge You To…

  1. Bindu says:

    https://creativbent.com/2018/08/22/oh-dont-worry-about-it/ something on travel. A real life experience. Hope it qualifies

  2. Reblogged this on Keith Kreates! and commented:
    This week’s word is ‘Travel’

  3. I once planned to visit Siam
    With a side trip to south Vietnam
    Things always unravel
    When I dare to travel
    So I guess I’ll just stay where I am

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  5. Like Alice Falling down a rabbit hole, or Aladdin riding a magic carpet, the world of fantastic travel is open to you, without the cost of a plane fare, just by picking up a book.
    Let the magic ride begin. 🙂

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