Wonderful Words

Last week, I wrote about taking inspiration from ordinary words and adding them into your story or poem. A couple of writers sent in pieces they’d written from the word prompts. You can find them below.

Another good tool, which can help you to unleash ideas in your writing, is to take a random line from a book and to see where it takes you. Here’s one for you:

There are tears in her eyes.

Why are there tears in her eyes? What’s going to happen next? You decide.

Here are the five words I gave you last week:

  • Jug
  • Grief
  • Dog
  • Rain
  • Sacred

Anne Copeland sent in this stunning poem:

I was filled with grief
When I discovered the poor dog
Lying outside in the mud, rain pouring down
an empty jug where the dog was chained.
Sacred being, how could they defile you in this manner?
How could they forget that you needed love the same as everyone?
How could they simply treat you as if you were no more than a rock.
I wanted to go and bang on their windows until they came outside,
But instead,
I worked on the collar that the chain was attached to
Until it was open
And I picked you up
Carried you home
And loved you every single day
Through the last day of your life.
You are sacred, you are loved

Gillian Wright sent in a lovely piece:

The fresh smell of rain made me tingle after the long hot summer. The same could not be said for the dog. Rosie ran the length of the path through the woods. She has no sense of otherness when it comes to the sacred space of creation.

Instead of the uplifting stroll, Rosie bounded with excitement splashing in the puddles.

“Good grief, woman! What are you doing letting that hound of its lead?”

It was then that I saw an elderly man holding onto his little dog, with who Rosie had fixed her affection.

“I’m so sorry,” I stuttered.

“I should think so.”

“That’s a cute dog you have there,” I remarked, attempting to pacify the gentleman. “What’s his name?”


I looked puzzled and the man grinned.

“Jug is a Miniature Pinscher, a present from my wife. When she told me I thought she said ‘pitcher’ so I called him Jug.”

We laughed. The man tipped his hat and said goodbye. Rosie pulled on her lead, eager for the next adventure.



Picture credit: Thrive In Chaos

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8 Responses to Wonderful Words

  1. There are tears in her eyes.
    She prided herself on not being the weepy type but she couldn’t help herself. She’d been trying for so many years and she’d really given up hope.
    “Sat that again, Doctor, Please?”
    “You’re pregnant Mrs Tyler. With Twins” The Doctor replied.
    She felt her husband squeeze her hand and she let the tears roll down her face.
    They were tears of the utmost joy.


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  2. There are tears in her eyes.
    So many what if’s.
    So long remembering
    And then forgetting names.
    Forgetting birthdays.
    Forgetting faces.
    Remembering a dress made.
    Remembering teaching reading.
    Remembering reading storybooks.
    Remembering walks to the park.
    Remembering silent prayers.
    Remembering doors closing.
    Saying goodbye.
    There are tears in her eyes.
    So long remembering
    And then forgetting.

    – Anne Copeland

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