I Challenge You To…

This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:

Things that make you happy

Last week’s theme was friends. They’re clearly very important to you. Here are some of the touching and thought-provoking pieces you sent in:

Keith Channing sent in a clever limerick:

The rumour mill lately contends
That there’ll be a reunion of Friends
But those young (?) New Yorkers
Are known to tell porkers
So my view will remain… it depends.

Please visit MWS R Writings‘ blog for a piece about a special friend:


EDC Writing sent in this strong poem:

Lust a presence
love unrequited
disturbed balance
to be got through
enduring friends
true equilibrium
two of two
a man a woman.

And here’s a newbie. Welcome to Kristian! Here’s his super limerick:

I’m told my singing sounds like a curse
that could make any crowd disperse
So Come on my Friends
and I’ll make amends
by singing the song in reverse.

Steve Walksy had literally just posted his haiku about friends when he saw my post! Please visit his site to read it:


Jason A Muckley is back with a great poem:


And here’s Anne Copeland with a really lovely poem:

When Jamie Smiles
By Anne Copeland

When Jamie smiles,
You just have to turn around and look.
There will be a new art quilt hanging somewhere,
Or a new art quilt exhibit coming together.
You might find a fair with an army of volunteers
To educate the public about art quilts,
Or you might witness a group of people
Painting and laughing and having fun
As they test an idea for a class.
You might even see a small piece
That won a big prize, and changed history
As we know it.

Despite an ever busy schedule,
Jamie smiles
And shares about her daughter’s blog,
Cooks a feast for many friends and family
And opens an artful abode
For all to enjoy.
She finds time
To care for a friend
Who is recovering
From surgery
And to take care of other friends,
Supporting them with their goals and dreams.

She smiles
And a once languishing
Professional art group
Comes to life and begins to grow
And more people follow to help keep it alive.

When Jamie smiles,
Magic happens.
What once was static
Is alive with energy
And reaches out to fill every space,
Spilling over into the world,
And fills it with color and joy.
What was old
Is suddenly new,
And what was lost
Is once again found.

If you want to be safe
If you don’t want things to change,
Make sure you don’t come around
When Jamie smiles!


wine wednesday

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14 Responses to I Challenge You To…

  1. Reblogged this on Keith Kreates! and commented:
    This week the challenge is ‘things that make you happy’. Hmmm…


  2. If you asked me for a list
    Of the things that get me pissed
    I could bend your ear until the cows come home
    But the things that make me happy
    Or at least a bit less crappy
    Make a leaner though a much more cheery tome

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  4. I’ve written this poem about the things that make me happy, and without realising it, it also fits for last weeks challenge of ‘friends’ because, in any list of things that make me happy, friends must feature quite prominently.
    Here is a link to my post.


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  5. TanGental says:

    Excellent selection

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  6. valfish56 says:

    I am the world’s worst pessimist
    My shrink asked me to make a list
    Of happy thoughts
    My total, nought
    I left feeling even more pissed!

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  7. I’m very happy to share my link to what a commenter called “a love letter to Autumn.”
    Thank you.

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