I Challenge You To…

This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:

Phone calls

Last week’s theme was the pub. Here are some of the great pieces you sent in:

Keith Channing always raises a smile:

Folk think that my uncle’s a loser
He spends so much time in the boozer
He isn’t a dypso
He just loves calypso
Like many a Caribbean cruiser.

Ladyleemanila has written two super pieces. Please visit her blog to read them:


Welcome to Mws R Writing for the first time! Please read her poem:


Here is an interesting piece on the pub from Anne Copeland:

The Pub

I have been engaging in a study in Britain of its ruins and its archaeology and history and spirituality of late, and I think it is giving me a feel for the cultural value of a pub, though in reality I have never been in one before.
Pubs seem to be a wonderful place for people of all cultures to gather together in a spirit that transcends people’s culture, their race, their religious and political beliefs, or any other thing that normally provides barriers for people just enjoying each other. We need more of this in our country (and I am in the U.S.) and likely in all countries.
Pubs remind me of another thing that seems to bring people together. I have attended swap meets, farmers’ markets, garage sales, and many similar events, and all of them have the same character – people of all cultures, etc. gathering to sit and eat together in the shade, laughing at each other’s children’s antics, and generally enjoying the sense of camaraderie. It is truly a kind of magic I hope will never leave us. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find this in any part of the world?



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    Esther’s weekly challenge

  3. The phone rang, then twice, then a third
    I picked up, but nothing was heard
    Then some strange wench
    Starts speaking in French
    Didn’t understand one blessed word

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  5. Anne Copeland says:

    Phone Calls by Anne Copeland

    I miss the years past when phones were special. To get a phone call from anyone was something that one could truly look forward to, and we didn’t text; if you needed to write a message, you would send a letter or a telegram.

    The telephone would ring, and we could pick it up, and on the other end it was always a wonderful surprise to have the other person suddenly there and hear their voice in a very different way. I loved having to actually dial the number with my fingers, a truly sensual experience, and to hold the receiver in my hand. I often think of how wonderful it must have been when the first phones came into use. Can you imagine how special you would be to own a telephone? There was a whole community created thru going to a location in town where there was a telephone, or calling an operator who relayed the messages.

    If it weren’t for needing to make phone calls in emergencies I would return to “landlines.” Even the name, phone line, has now been degraded to a name that makes no sense. Are there sea lines or lake lines? Landlines sounds like something straight out of WWII.

    I don’t like the way people have abbreviated the whole language into a bunch of letters. I am a human being, not something that speaks only in letters. It’s bad enough that no one writes a real letter anymore, but either “messages,” or posts on the temmunications in my younger days was an art; getting a phone call was special and getting a letter was a gift.

    So many things we used so many years ago have been replaced. I wish I could travel back in time . . .

    Anne Copeland Criminal Justice Graduate/Paralegal Studies Archaeology Graduate/Forensics Studies Professional Author/Editor/Artist

    On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 6:30 AM, estherchiltonblog wrote:

    > Esther Chilton posted: “This week’s challenge is to write a story, > limerick or poem on the subject of: Phone calls Last week’s theme was the > pub. Here are some of the great pieces you sent in: Keith Channing always > raises a smile: Folk think that my uncle’s a loser” >

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  7. Anne Copeland says:

    It is a wonderful feeling to get in touch with my creativity again. I rather quit a lot of things I have loved through my life after I got PTSD from being assaulted and horribly bullied, not by one person, but by a cruel and vengeful group of seniors. I used to think there must have been something in the water or air that was poisoning their spirits, but then I realized that they hated me because I was using all my creativity, and I wanted to share it with people. Their minds were closed to seeing anyone else with any kind of creativity, and some of the other things I was doing in my life such as volunteering to serve in my community in several capacities, and I was working as a substitute aide at school for physically/developmentally/emotionally children and young people. The assault was bad enough; this is something that had been tried with me several times, but the soul killer was the bullying.

    We all need to be aware of what bullying or cruelty can do to a person and to get it stopped before it can kill him or her. We have had a number of children and very young people kill themselves in our area because of bullying. I still suffer from the PTSD and I am not sure it truly ever goes away no matter how hard we try to recover from such abuse. Through my growing up and attending public school in another state, I suffered bullying from others at school, and then at work too much later in life I suffered bullying from others who were jealous that I could do my work quickly and easily and that I had certificates that I had earned. So this is a continuing part of my life, but I am not giving into it. I am studying with The Silent Eye Mystery School and I am also working on one of my books again to get it revised in its third revision.

    So when I say it is wonderful to get in touch with my creativity again, I truly mean it. We can overcome our challenges no matter what they are if we just work at it, no matter how bad it might be. Creativity and spirituality are our best friends through our lives. They will never let us down and they will help us to remember who we are and who we have always been in this world. Thank you so kindly for these opportunities. They mean so much to me.

    • You have been through some very tough times, Anne and I think your strength of character and your resilience is showing through. I’m so pleased you’ve found The Silent Eye and that you’re writing again. That’s fantastic. You are an inspiration.

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