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I know a lot of you enjoy writing flash fiction. But how about bite size flash fiction? If you enjoy telling a story in only a few words, then take a look at the 50-Word Stories website. There are special requirements for submitting a story so do read their rules carefully. They don’t pay for each story published, but there is a small cash prize for the ‘Story of the Month’. 

To read the type of stories they publish, visit the website.



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6 Responses to Markets For Writers

  1. Alyson Faye says:

    Reblogged this on alysonfayewordpress and commented:
    I have been published on this 50 word story website,and I love the challenge of writing brief,and powerful. 100 word drabbles are hard enough, but I found writing 50 word stories more challenging. Another useful post off Esther Newton’s blog.

  2. I like writing flash. Shall Take a look Esther. 🙂

  3. 50 words – that’s about the limit for a tweet nowadays!

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