I Challenge You To…

This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:


Last week’s challenge was to write about lies. You sent in some strong pieces. Here are a few:

As always, Keith Channing gets in first with something witty:

The greatest of sins is mendacity,
Far better to stick to veracity.
But don’t feign surprise
If you catch me in lies;
I mean well, but lack the capacity.

I’m thrilled to see EDC Writing joining in this week:

To be sucked in
you cross a line
left best a fool
at worst ignored
let conscience air
not skewed desire
step back save face
no mirror lies.

Kevin is up next with a powerful poem:

A secret fire.
Their desire
In lust.

They can not shout
Their passion, for Pretty Eyes
Is another guy’s
Special one.

Truth has gone
And soon people will be talking
About Pretty Eyes
And her lies.

Please visit the super Steve Walsky‘s blog for a ‘lie’ poem:


And here’s another blog (byindiablue) that’s worth viewing for a moving poem on the subject of lies:



life and love

Photo credit: relatably.com


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20 Responses to I Challenge You To…

  1. There is a sky
    No need to see
    There is a day
    No need to break
    There is a love
    No need to dream
    There is a you
    No need for tears

  2. Thank you for publishing my poem on lies. Below is my contribution to this week’s challenge.


    Love is a soft kiss,
    A moment of bliss.
    ‘Tis a candle lit meal
    Where a lover’s hand
    Does softly steal
    Under the restaurant table.

    Love makes the wise
    When a girl’s eyes
    There can be no denial
    That he
    Is lost. But if she
    He will in sorrow drown.

  3. Unoma B says:

    First timer..
    My try.

    Love, now obsolete

    The night whistles on
    The stars playing
    I, under their veil listened to the loud silence
    All in harmony, yet

    Everything different!
    Certain great love, now obsolete.

    The past cycled back
    Staging before my eyes
    A play from life to the death
    My ledger bleed
    Helplessly, I fought memories
    The gory initials of yesterday
    Cut deep into me
    I, no more the mistress of the floodgate of my soul
    Let it flow

    Everything different!
    Certain great love, now obsolete

    Left in my place
    A figure shifting around in purgatory
    Waiting for the light of heaven

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  5. Reblogged this on newauthoronline and commented:
    Ester Chilton is running a challenge in which she asks her readers to write a poem, limerick or short story on the subject of love. You can find my contribution below together with those of other participants.

  6. As I drank iced champagne from her slipper,
    And she said my soft words could unzip her
    It felt like romance
    Till she started to dance
    Then I realised she was a stripper!

  7. Hi Keith

    Liked your limerick. I obviously don’t share your wonderful sense of romance, as it brought the following to my mind.

    So while Keith from my slipper sipped Cava
    I jiggled the tassles of my bra
    While he seemed to fawn
    Over my bunions and corn
    I stripped while he supped on verruca


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