Guest Writer Spot

I’m pleased to welcome Sharon Harvey back into my Guest Writer Spot. She’s one of my wonderful students. Here, she writes about her lovely Auntie Lil:

Every Wednesday, my late auntie would take me to the local swimming baths to learn me to swim since she was a brilliant swimmer whereas my late mum couldn’t swim so couldn’t teach me.

I remember one Wednesday when we had gone, she had her hands under my tummy to support me and I was supposed to move my hands and legs to learn to swim. This I did, and I was moving about quite happily and easily so decided it was time to try it myself. So I said, ‘OK, Auntie Lil, you can let me go now’!

To which I heard her say, ‘I’ve not been holding you for the last ten minutes!’ I turned to look to see her standing watching me, one hand up to her chin while concentrating on watching me and her other arm folded around her waist.

It was either sink or swim. I swam.

It was such a huge achievement for me in my childhood era and I was so proud of myself, as she was of me. Mum was also was ecstatic.

Sharon and lil

                                       Sharon with her late Auntie Lil






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