The A – Z Of Writing Ideas – K Is For…

Here is the elevnth instalment in my weekly writing series. Each week, I give you an idea – whether it’s a magazine to write for, a theme for a short story and/or poem, an idea for an article…Here are the first , second , third , fourth , fifth , sixth , seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth instalments in the series.

This week, it’s  the letter K‘s turn. And K is for Kids.

Writing for children can be fun as well as rewarding. In fiction, you can unleash your imagination to the full, transporting young readers to wondrous new worlds and introducing them to larger than life characters that leap off the page. As well as fiction, there’s a non-fiction market for children which seeks to inform and entertain young minds.  

The children’s market is a very competitive one and each market’s requirements are different. The content, style, vocabulary etc of your piece must be just right for them so market research is crucial. As well as studying the publication you want to write for, read as many children’s books, magazines etc as you can to really get a feel for what today’s children enjoy. 

Here are a few magazines aimed at children, which are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts:

Amazing Kids Magazine

Aquila Magazine

Cricket Magazine

Writing For Children’s Magazines


just because



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4 Responses to The A – Z Of Writing Ideas – K Is For…

  1. I like to make up stories ‘live’ for my youngest grandkids and I kind of know when I’m doing okay as the older ones pretend they’re not but are listening in!

  2. Simon says:

    I think some writers have jumped onto the kids bandwagon to chase the name for themselves. I’m meaning more the well known writers. There a definite difference between them, for example David Walliams if magic and the modern day Road Dahl and others like David Baddiel have chased after but just don’t have that special quality.

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