The A-Z Of Writing Ideas – I Is For…

Welcome to the ninth instalment in my weekly writing series. Each week, I give you an idea – whether it’s a magazine to write for, a theme for a short story and/or poem, an idea for an article…Here are the first , second , third , fourth , fifth , sixth , seventh and eighth instalments in the series.

This week, it’s  the letter I‘s turn. And I is for Island.

What does the word island mean to you? A beautiful, tranquil island? Buried Treasure? A desolate, unhabitable island? Or is your island a myserious one, in a new world, far, far away from earth? Use the senses to create an image in your mind – what does the island look like? What sounds can you imagine hearing on this island? How about the smells? Touch? Taste? What’s happened on the island? Has there been a shipwreck? Perhaps there’s something hidden someone where on the island. Or has a body been washed up onto the beach?

Let your imagine carry you away. Hopefully you now have the beginnings of a story or poem building in your mind.




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8 Responses to The A-Z Of Writing Ideas – I Is For…

  1. Simon says:

    Interesting choice originally I was going to call my new blog Island of Si or something becasue I liked the concept of the Island.

  2. ‘Treasure Island’ has been a constant in my life, since read to me as a child. ‘Black spot’ has never left me – I can’t ignore a speck, a bit of fluff, a tiny spider, anything in the house that catches my eye and black just has to be removed! It’s weird the things that stick in your mind as a child … good job I’m quite normal otherwise!

  3. Good prompts. I’m always having to come up with outline scenarios for my creative writing class and I’m tempted to steal this one. ( Don’t tell anybody! )

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