The A – Z Of Writing Ideas – H Is For…

Welcome to the eighth instalment in my weekly writing series. Each week, I give you an idea – whether it’s a magazine to write for, a theme for a short story, the opening line of a poem…Here are the first , second , third , fourth , fifth , sixth and seventh in the series.

This week, it’s  the letter H‘s turn. And H is for House.

Enjoy doing up your house? Relish making things for the home out of old junk? Love creating a glorious garden? Then why not write about it for a homes and garden magazine? Here are a few for you:

Ideal Home Magazine

House Beautiful Magazine

Country Living Magazine

Gardeners World Magazine

For the fiction writers and poets among you, here are some house related themes to write about:

  • Home sweet home
  • A haunted house
  • A summer house
  • The family home
  • The house of secrets
  • The house of death
  • An empty house



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10 Responses to The A – Z Of Writing Ideas – H Is For…

  1. I always feel a bit guilty when I read these prompts because I realise I should be more proative. I blame it on the diet 😦

  2. Reblogging to my sister site, Success Inspirers World

  3. EmmaMc says:

    Love these prompts! I often need a nudge so will keep an eye on these. I need to flex my creative writing side at the moment after getting lost in blog and client work.

  4. Jason Moody says:

    I miss my assignments! 😃 On the up side, I am now absorbed in my first YA novel. Completion 2032

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