I Challenge You To…

Here is part two of my new weekly series where I set you a writing challenge. Here’s last week’s challenge if you missed it.

This week, your challenge is to write about ‘socks’. Well, I didn’t say your challenge would be easy! Here’s my effort:


I just can’t seem to get it right,

Look at this one here so white,

While its partner is light blue,

And this one has a bright pink hue,

What’s that in the drawer right there?

Some white? At last, I have a pair,

But, oh no, there it is – a hole,

A great big one in the sole,

Looks like it’s tights for me,

But there’s a ladder in the knee,

I’ve tried so hard with all my might,

My poor toes will have to freeze tonight. 


smile 3

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4 Responses to I Challenge You To…

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  2. Jason Moody says:

    Smelling of death,
    They’re lobbed in the wash
    Press them right down
    Go on…get ‘em squashed.

    Softener, detergent
    Bing it all in
    Tip in the contents
    And empty your bin

    On goes the machine
    The door clicks to lock
    What’s that on the floor?
    One lonely sock.

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