More Music And Memories

I was chuffed to bits; I had just bought my first tape and put vinyl records behind me. I was on the cutting edge of music (yes, I know many of you won’t know a) what a tape is or b) what on earth a vinyl record is, but this was 1984) and I couldn’t wait to listen to all the songs on the tape. And what tape was this? Why Now That’s What They Call Music 2 (yes, I know they’re currently on NOW 100 (more or less), but I really thought I was the bee’s knees.   

My favourite track was, and is to this day, Queen’s Radio Ga Ga (even over my beloved Duran Duran and their New Moon on Monday, but that’s another music blog post to come). Yes, I could mention plenty of other tracks on the tape (I won’t mention Joe Fagin’s That’s Livin’ Alright or The Flying Pickets’ Only You) like Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s iconic Relax, Nena’s 99 Red Ballooons, and Nik Kershaw’s Wouldn’t It Be Good, amongst others, but this was my first introduction to Queen. And it’s one that’s always stayed with me and which has me singing along every time I hear it.

Photo taken at a school disco (I’m on the right, just in case you hadn’t worked that out). I can’t for the life of me remember why some of us were dressed up and others were dressed as scruffy urchins). Though I do remember treading on a cocktail stick later in the evening and there being blood everywhere (possily an exaggeration) and having to limp home.




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10 Responses to More Music And Memories

  1. Annika Perry says:

    Yeah, a trip down memory lane with the songs you mention and I recall one song at a school disco which ended in disaster after the headmaster went crazy when the DJ put on Pink Floyds Another Brick in the Wall! Do you know one of the old NOW LPs recently sold for over twenty thousand pounds!! You may be sitting on a small fortune! Great leg kick btw!!😀😀

  2. Charles Norman says:

    Your first attempt at dancing, Esther? ;-))

  3. Helen says:

    Amazing leg kick, especially in jeans and you’re clearly enjoying yourself on the dance floor! Great piece of nostalgia as usual. Thanks, Esther.

  4. TanGental says:

    why are you playing footie at a school disco? Yes I too remember the tapes…

  5. And now everyone of those songs are stuck in a loop in my head…not really complaining. 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    Wow, I wish I could get my leg up that high! Some great memories there, Esther. Kids now-a-days have no idea what fun is. We did a similar dance (although not with legs that high in the air 😉) to the song Frankie by Sister Sledge. 😊 I hope that all is well with you. X

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