More Music And Memories

When I feel in need of blowing the cobwebs away, I’ll stick my headphones in my ears, scroll down my playlist to Linkin Park and crank the volume up. In my mother’s words it’s, “Shouty music. Simply dreadful. It’s certainly not The Everly Brothers.” That, it isn’t.

I first came across the band when they released their second album, Meteora in 2003. I don’t know about you, but whenever I buy an album there are always a handful of songs I’m not too keen on. Unusually there isn’t a track I don’t like on Meteora, but my particular favourites are Easier to Run, From the Inside and Breaking the Habit.

Although Linkin Park have released further albums over the years, with well-known songs such as What I’ve Done, Burn It Down, Iridescent and The Catalyst coming to mind, Meteora, for me, is THE Linkin Park album. 

And listening to it, at full volume while cleaning out the kitchen, makes the job so much more enjoyable.




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16 Responses to More Music And Memories

  1. I love music, and always felt I was reasonably informed but I’m bowing my head in shame now and telling you I’ve never heard of them. Needless to say, I shall listen to them now. As a point of reference, I’m a big Pink Floyd fan

  2. Helen says:

    Sorry Esther, but I’ve not heard of this group either. I really like Pink Floyd though (reference Peter’s comment) and am looking forward to the up and coming show at the V&A mid-May.

  3. EDC Writing says:

    Last weekend my eldest daughter’s partner was mowing the lawn with headphones on playing whatever and a stone flew and shattered the patio door … he had no idea … until he got unplugged! I listen to music most when decorating … my excuse for dodgy brush strokes! Just finished painting the bathroom … play list Gabrielle Aplin, Eric Clapton, Pink, Fleetwood Mac, Cold Play, Led Zeppelin, Paloma Faith, Enya … and yes Pink Floyd. It was a three coat job!

  4. I love Linkin Park. I’d sing it in my head when things got too much for me ‘In The End’ was my go to song :0)

  5. Rajiv says:

    That is a nice picture

    I don’t believe I have ever listened to Linkin Park

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