Guest Writer Spot

Happy Friday everyone; I hope you’ve all had a good week. Gopika N has written several wonderful poems in this slot and I’m thrilled to have Gopika back as my guest writer. Here is a little bit about Gopika:

I am 18. I belong to India, the largest democracy in the world. I am a passionate writer who loves writing poetry as well as fiction.I used to read books since my early childhood and that helped in bringing out the writer in me. Writing is a better way to bring out the unsaid feelings hidden in the subconscious mind.



Curled up in the nooks of my room,
just like the conceits in my heart,
staring at the plane roof in silence,
I could never cite those epochs
stuffed wholly with a convivial me.
But then did my heart break for no reason,
and it kept on breaking every season.
I did fall into myself;I don’t know why.
Stains of blood and pain remains in the soul.
Efforts to escape,was just in vain.
Attempts to stop the tears,made no sense,
Strange memoirs soaked me in fear.
when I did just curl up in the corners.
I stirred my soul one last time.
Dingy and dirty was my palm,
neither could I wash it with my tears,
nor could I wipe it with soothing words.
All that I could do was to leave imprints,
Just for you to see some dirty reflections.
I lost the key to happiness and hope,
so did I curse the fate.
Could I never find a way back to life,
so did I say , “I hate”!
Never dare to peek into me,
because the tedious enigma inside,
is putrid and noxious.



If you’d like your writing to be featured in my Guest Writer Spot, please contact me here or by e-mail: I accept stories, poems, articles – in fact, anything and everything. All you have to do is make sure your prose is no longer than 2000 words and your poems no more than 40 lines.



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6 Responses to Guest Writer Spot

  1. Wow. Powerful stuff. Thanks for the introduction to this writer

  2. Glynis Smy says:

    Thanks for sharing such powerful words.

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