More Music And Memories

When I heard The Mamas and The Papas California Dreamin’ on the radio recently, I was reminded of winters at home when I was at primary school. I’d dread getting up in the mornings as the house didn’t have a lot of heating (incidentally, it still doesn’t. And the little heating it has is barely ever on. Dad doesn’t feel the cold or even own a jumper while poor Mum  can be found dressed in a cardigan, three jumpers, thermal vest etc as soon as autumn approaches).

I’d often come down the stairs shivering madly (I’m probably exaggerating, but there was ice on the inside of the windows) and go into the dining room. It was one of the few rooms with heating and Mum always used to turn the gas fire on and warm my school clothes up for me on the back of the chair (when I was very little anyway). Dad would then come in, mopping his ever sweating brow and turn the radio on while we had breakfast. I was only young, but for some reason when I heard California Dreamin’ it struck a chord with me as I sat there in the glowing warmth of the dining room (not quite the same as L.A., but perhaps that’s where my mind was taking me) before I ventured off out into the freezing winter’s day. 


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11 Responses to More Music And Memories

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Oh the memories. Loved this song and their album, and yes it conjured up California sunshine and beaches and a lifestyle out of our reach back then. But life is strange and I ended up living in California and I met Michelle Phillips’ husband at a friend’s house and heard all about her and the band and their songwriting with John Sebastian. A song can transport you back to a moment in time instantly. When I hear it I am in my flat in Hammersmith the summer of 1971, pregnant and hot and preparing to go to my now husband’s gig in the West End. Even though I purchased the album when it first came out, that is the moment I recall. I grew up with ice on the inside of the windows, doing homework with a one bar electric fire on. We were sturdy stuff. I love your photo, such a lovely sweet face. Thanks for the memory. x

  2. EDC Writing says:

    The cold I well remember as a child … iced windows … sometimes iced loo! Your facial expression then absolutely you now …

  3. Helen says:

    Oh the shivering and chattering… my teeth used to bang together so hard it scared me! How lovely of your Mum to warm up your clothes for you. Cracking picture. Super smile.

  4. Oh, the days before central heating. I’m a bit like your Dad. I don’t feel the cold, but as for the heat! That’s another story. Heat and humidity = a very grumpy Hugh. 😈

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