More Memories and Music

When I was three, I loved watching Andy Pandy and wistfully yearned for a doll like Looby Loo. I sang Humpty Dumpty over and over, completely out of tune much to Mother’s dismay. I had teddy bear pictures on my wall and wore frilly dresses.

For today’s three-year-old, it’s a little different and it certainly was for my daughter. I remember being completely obsessed with Duran Duran at the age of fourteen, which seems perfectly acceptable but to have such a fixation at three years of age?

I blame her father. He bought me the Busted album for Mothers’ Day. I’d never heard of them before, so had no idea of the purpose behind his purchase. He insists our daughter chose it, but I suspect it may have been on special offer or come free with a bottle of plonk.

So, being a ‘thoughtful’ mother and seeing the boys (they didn’t look any older than eight) on the cover, I thought our daughter might like to listen to it. My instincts were right. She did indeed like listening to it – again and again and again until she knew each and every one of the songs.

Who’s David was her favourite song, though as she was only just three, some of the lyrics weren’t quite the same. Instead of not being ‘worthy’, a ‘birdy’ had crept into the song somewhere. But, of course, as all parents of a three-year-old know, the three-year-old is always right.

A ‘helpful’ friend bought her an enormous poster of the band. Her grin could not have been any wider and on pain of a never-ending tantrum, said poster was placed proudly on the wall of her bedroom. 

The next morning, I was summonsed into her room and she took me by the hand over to her poster and informed me that she was Charlie, (the one with big, bushy eyebrows who she liked the best) that I was James and Daddy was Matt and together we were Busted.

Thankfully, the phase didn’t last long. I hear the band are now back together and touring. I asked her (now aged fifteen) if she’d like to go and see them. If looks could kill…






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17 Responses to More Memories and Music

  1. nestmadden says:

    You Duran memories made me recall something of my own. So I’m sitting at home in Hayes in Middlesex, about five mile from Heathrow and the phone goes. It’s my mates wife, she worked for Sony Music at the time. She knew I was something to do with security so could I help her out? A driver had let them down and could I go to Heathrow and meet a bloke called Le Bon and bring him back to a flat in west London. So off I go using my warrant card I got to the VIP lounge found this rather bemused bloke, who seemed quite nice, and took him to the address I’d been told. Job done! A couple of days later a courier arrived with a bottle of good malt whiskey and a thank you note from Simon. Incidentally it led me to moonlight as a bodyguard/driver for many famous faces from the 1980’s.

  2. Rajiv says:

    That looks like you and your daughter! How very nice!

  3. Helen says:

    Another lovely memory and photo, Esther. Reminds me of my daughter being into the Spice girls (she would definitely cringe about that one now) and turning all her Barbie dolls into Spice dolls by colouring and cutting their hair! For some reason, I used to find Andy Pandy and Looby Loo a bit scary, perhaps because of the way they needed “waking up”…

    My favourite TV programmes were Trumpton and Camberwick Green, and after that Hector’s House (though the interaction between the dog Hector and frog Kiki is quite bizarre).

    You were lucky having frilly dresses. I remember awful hand-knitted green tights and my hair being horribly short (unlike most of the other girls who had lovely long locks). The tights itched horribly. I wasn’t allowed to grow my hair until I reached the age of about six. By then, we had moved house and I was the only girl in the class with short hair. My hair seemed to take years and years to grow…Maybe my mother was punishing me for that scissor incident.

    • esthernewton says:

      I did have very short hair at one point and burst into tears when my grandad told me I looked like a boy! I’ve grown it long ever since! Thank you for sharing your memory, Helen.

      • Helen says:

        Was it just short or short and layered? The latter (like mine was for the first five years of my life) takes forever to grow out… I don’t think you have looked like a boy even with short hair Esther – your grandad obviously just had a strong preference for seeing it long.

      • esthernewton says:

        Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Helen. It was short – half-way up the back of my neck, but it didn’t take too long to grow out.

  4. Blimey! Was Andy Pandy still on when you were little? You’ll be telling us next you used to watch Muffin the Mule.
    You are right, though, about kids these days being different – or rather, they have a different environment. Personally, I wouldn’t trade with them.
    Great picture, by the way.

  5. I get the same looks from my niece (about to turn 18) when I ask her if she still likes One Direction 😀 Four years ago, she’d do anything to get a ticket to go and see them. I remember watching Andy Pandy but was moe of a ‘Teddy’ man. He was always the naughty one.
    Thanks for taking us back, Esther.

  6. TanGental says:

    So you were Busted, were you ? (sorry, couldn’t resist). TBH I like them – ‘That’s what I go to school for’ is a cracker. My daughter met them when a school friend’s dad knew their manager; she’s moved on but even at 23 I think she’d go to their concert. Me, I’m shamed ot say I was always Teddy while my bro was Andy P and my gran Looby – she wanted to be a woodentop. And I had this thing about Gilbert O’Sullivan – his music not his hair of cardies; I soon moved onto Karen Carpenter but even that caused no end of problems wat school when my mates were into Deep Purple and Santana and Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd and Bad Company…

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