Guest Writer Spot

This week I have two guest writers. Nest Madden is one of my very talented students. After reading my blog post on the impact Bunty comic had upon me as a child, he wrote in with this brilliant anecdote:

Your Blog post about Bunty reminded me; as a small boy I was asked by an elderly rather deaf aunt what book I would like for Christmas. I told her I’d like a Rupert book, meaning the Rupert the bear annual. On Christmas morning I opened the bright coloured parcel to find the collected anthology of Rupert Brooke.

 I was a very bemused seven-year-old. I have since enjoyed the book immensely.


All I know about my second guest writer is that her name is Kat and she’s a very good writer! Here’s an extract from part of a novel she’s working on:


Don’t let me go. The familiar voice comes in a whisper, echoing my deepest thoughts. Who is still here to hold on to? Who is still here, clasping my hand so tightly? There is no one.
Only me.
And that’s when I realized the voice didn’t come from a stranger, it came from myself.
There’s only been boy after boy and bottle after bottle. Everyone leaves and they always have. I’m accustomed to it, immune to the pain; the pain that built the wall I hide behind. I promised myself to never put my happiness in someone else’s hands again because happiness slips, and they drop it every damn time.
This world is cold. And now, so am I.
The warmth left with the last person that walked away from me.
Leaving me forgotten.






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8 Responses to Guest Writer Spot

  1. Helen says:

    Absolutely love the Rupert book story. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    The book snippet is intriguing. What next? Do we get another instalment next week perhaps?

  2. Helen says:

    The Rupert anecdote triggered another of my memories… Traipsing round and round looking for a grey bear that my two-year old had asked for as a birthday present, all I kept getting was a very firm shake of the head in rejection. Finally, she started gesticulating excitedly “Grey bear, Grey bear…” Before us, sat in state on the shop floor, was the most enormous brown bear with a five hundred pounds price tag to match. The penny dropped. Not grey bear, great bear! Silly me. No way could I afford it… Delicate negotiations followed.

  3. Rajiv says:

    Fantastic. And I love that quote

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