Flash Fiction Competition

An enormous thank you to everyone who’s already entered my flash fiction competition. I’ve received entries from all around the world, including India, Canada, the US and Europe. All of them offer very different takes on the writing prompt of ‘The Discovery’. You’ll find a reminder of the details of the competition below, as well as a children’s story I’ve written on the theme of ‘The Discovery’.


1st: £20 plus a copy of my book of short stories, The Siege

Two runners-up: A copy of my book of short stories

All three stories will be published on my blog

Entry fee: FREE

Entries are accepted from all corners of the globe

Writing prompt: Entries of up to 500 words, excluding the title, are required on the following theme: The discovery

Please post your entries below in the comments box, or e-mail them to: esthernewton@virginmedia.com

Closing date: 31st October 2016


Graham the Gremlin

 In the deepest, darkest, dullest corner of Freddie’s room, there lurked a gremlin.

It wasn’t a hideous, hairy gremlin.

It wasn’t a ferocious, fanged gremlin, either.

Neither was it a yucky yellow-eyed gremlin.

Or a wicked, warty gremlin.

In fact, it was a very nice gremlin indeed. A gremlin with an equally nice name, which was Graham and an equally nice nature.

And that was why Graham lurked in that deepest, darkest, dullest corner, because nobody likes a gremlin who isn’t the teeniest, tiniest bit terrible.

It wasn’t as if Graham hadn’t tried. He had tried to be hideous – pulling fearful faces and making menacing noises. He had tried to be hairy, too – sticking clumps of Freddie’s furry cushion all over his body.

Then Graham had crept over to Freddie’s dead-scary dinosaur and tapped him on the shoulder.

Dinosaur drew himself up very, very tall, turned round and opened his mighty mouth.

“Aaaaah,” Graham yelled, running away with fur flying everywhere and no longer looking the slightest bit hideous at all.

So he had tried to be ferocious – practicing bloodcurdling wails until he was so good he almost scared himself. He wanted fangs too, so sharpened his teeth until they were sharper than sharp.

Then Graham had marched over to Freddie’s mighty monster and chomped his fangs up and down.

Monster span his head round and round and pop! – off monster’s head flew.

“Aaaaah!” Graham screamed, diving into his safe, snug corner, his fangs feeling flat and his wails now ones of woe.

He decided to be yucky instead – not washing for a week. He painted two bouncy balls yellow and put them over his eyes so he was definitely yucky and yellow-eyed. 

Graham tiptoed over to Freddie’s disgusting dragon and looked from two yellow eyes into another two yellow eyes.

Dragon sniffed and snuffled, then he blew his nose and out came two smoking hot trails of steam.

“Aaaaah!” Graham whimpered, moving out of the way, yellow eye balls bouncing to the floor and falling into the fish bowl, so he was soon spick and span and smelling sweet again.

He thought he would try one last thing – he was sure he could be wicked and say horrible things. He was sure he could be warty, too and painted the lumpy, sticky-up bits of an egg box green and stuck them all over himself, here, there and everywhere.

Graham stomped up to Freddie’s were-wolf and went over and over in his mind how he was going to call him wimpy and wishy-washy. Were-wolf clenched his claws and wailed as only were-wolves can. 

“Aaaaah,” Graham screeched, leaping away, all wicked thoughts gone and warts, too.

“I’m not hideous or hairy. I’m not ferocious or fanged, either. Neither am I yucky or yellow-eyed or wicked or warty. And nobody loves me,” Graham cried.

“I do,” Freddie said.

Graham stopped crying. He hadn’t noticed Freddie watching him. Freddie picked him up and hugged him tight.

“None of my friends have got a gremlin who isn’t the teeniest, tiniest bit terrible. You’re special. The most specialist, special gremlin ever.”



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6 Responses to Flash Fiction Competition

  1. DrEMiller says:

    Reblogged this on Write of Passage and commented:
    A new Flash Fiction competition from Esther Newton!
    Thanks, Esther!

  2. Allie P. says:

    Awww, that’s an adorable story.

  3. Rajiv says:

    I love this story!

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