Monday Motivations

My Monday challenge is to write a story/poem of any length, with the following words in it somewhere:

Glasses, blaze and madness

Last week’s writing prompt was to write a poem or story on the following theme:


EDC Writing sent in this teaser:

Monday already
Weekend’s revenge
For doing nothing
Best crack on
With Esther’s challenge!

Before completing his ‘proper’ piece. It’s certainly a powerful one:

Key in the door
A little stiff
Needs lubricating
She keeps telling him

Steps inside
Odd smell greets
Wet plaster … wood dust
Others homes not his

Walls overfilled holes
Tiles broken rough edges
Door an inch too short
Frame botched distorted

Windows condensation soaked
Heating gone array
Message painted on a wall
Your home as you left mine!

Rajiv Chopra‘s Mary Jane series is getting better and better. Sit back and enjoy:

He would never reveal the contents of the box. Well, not now anyway. The contents had shaken him up a bit too much. He could not believe what had happened, and he sat there outside for a long time, confused thoughts coursing through his brain.

Truth be told, his luck had been a little hard on him lately, as his frayed clothes revealed. He had struck upon this plan of having Harley Quinn planted in The Bat’s bed, so that he could make him an unwitting agent of his schemes. The Joker suddenly realized that he had not seen one penny in the last months. Had he been blind? He had been so much in love with his own greedy little idea that he did not realize that he had been played all this time.

He gnashed his teeth. Hell hath no fury like a Joker scorned, he muttered. Eyes wild, he tore at his hair, and danced and stamped his feet in anger and petulance. He would be avenged. He, The Joker, would rise again. The world would, once again, play His Games, and his glory would be unrivalled. This future moment of triumph would belong to him, and to him alone.

A wild, gleeful look came into his eyes. “Hee! Hee! Hee!” he laughed hysterically to himself. “Yes, I will use those three to my advantage. That arrogant fool of The Spider, and those two nincompoops who are always blathering about Dark Lords. Yes, they shall be my pawns.”

Rubbing his hands, in his dirty, frayed Joker gloves, he reveled in the scheme that was starting to germinate in his twisted mind.

“Revenge shall be mine,” he screamed into the dark night. As he melted away into the darkness, his voice could be heard, chanting this crazy little mongrel rhyme,

Oh Little Batman wants to play With Little Harley, he went astray. But I am The Joker, I am King; My sport is revenge, I shall make them singe.

Oh Pretty Harley tried to cheat with The Bat and Jane – quite the feat! But I am The Joker, revenge is mine; My evil Genius once more shall shine!

Ah that Spider, and those Little Men Shall plot with me, in my old den. For I am The Joker, I will be avenged, The Bat and Harley, will feel my revenge!




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13 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. Rajiv says:

    EDC is super!

    You have a wicked soul!! But, I shall come up with something!

  2. EDC Writing says:

    His glasses on the table
    The blaze yet to consume
    Though madness had its hold
    He lay as she foretold

  3. Rajiv says:

    Here you go…. The effect of some wonderful sun! You will find the prompt buried deep inside somewhere!

    Let’s leave Batman and Poison Ivy to figure out their new partnership, and assumed amorous liaison. Let’s also leave The Joker, as he attempts to manipulate his new found friends to aid him in his mission. If you like, assume that they have been frozen in time, though this, of course is impossible. Let’s leave them far behind, and we shall then be able to turn our attention to the two women who started this whole saga – Mary Jane Parker and Harley Quinn.

    They were an odd couple indeed. One – Harley Quinn had been straitlaced until she met The Joker. Her affair with The Bat had made her more cunning and dangerous than before. Mary Jane, as we discover now, had been straitlaced until she came in touch with Harley Quinn. They money that they had from Harley’s adventures with The Bat gave them an unexpected freedom.

    Both women, free of the constraints of their lovers now explored each other – mind, body and heart – with a hunger that was startling, fresh, deep and strong. Indeed, they completed each other in ways that their Maker did not anticipate.

    It was one night, after an evening on the beach, while dining at a fine restaurant, that the madness truly began. What they did at the beach was their business, they reasoned; and, there was no reason for any boring, uppity and uptight woman to cast a judgmental eye in their direction, as they lay naked on the beach after making love.

    Would that bitch and her wooden, hen-pecked husband leave them to enjoy a meal in peace? Oh no. No, no, no, no, no –no. She had to go and complain to the management in a loud, rude and self-congratulatory tone? Was she the keeper of the world’s morals?

    God was on her side, she seemed to proclaim. Oh yes? Well, the Devil was on their side. Better yet, they also had Loki, that wonderful old trickster to stand with them in their corner.

    Smiling sweetly, Mary Jane asked the woman if she would like to sit and talk it through calmly. She asked again, and again – and, again. The last time around, she asked a little more forcefully; and, then suddenly springing up, she caught the woman in her arms, and flung her across the room. A peal of silvery laughter broke out, and Harley Quinn got up and kissed Mary, her tongue exploring the deep recesses of her throat.

    Stiff faces looked around in shock as the woman, still calling to God, crashed into the tables sending the plates and glasses flying. Goodness Gracious, they seemed to thing. This was not respectable at all.

    ‘Call the police’, a voice seemed to scream from the bar, and Harley twisted around, a smile curling around her lips. Her tongue seemed to flicker in and out of her mouth, in anticipation.
    ‘Catch, darling’, she purred as she tossed a strawberry that she had been licking in the direction of the bar.

    A strawberry, was it?

    ‘Call the…….’, the voice died away in a strangulated gurgle, as smoke filled the area, as the strawberry landed with a loud bang.

    The restaurant was converted into a medley of plates, glasses, blaze and madness.

    The only other sound that was heard was the tinkling, slightly insane laugher of the two women as, arm in arm, they traipsed out of the restaurant.

    Turning back, they suddenly curtsied.
    ‘The craziness has begun’, giggled Harley.
    ‘Enjoy your meal, darlings’, cooed Mary Jane.
    Holding each other by the waist, the two seemed to dance their way out of the restaurant, leaving shock, blinded minds and mayhem behind them.

  4. TanGental says:

    Phillipa knew it was madness to go with Rodney but he smiled in a way that warmed her whole being. Mother had warned her about ‘feelings’ and men and the dangers, albeit with scant reference to any detail. But dad said ‘boys don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses’ and Rodney had proved that to be a lie so maybe mother didn’t know any more than dad.
    The field behind their street was sun drenched and the air amongst the tall grass stiffling. Rodney led her to the middle and dropped his jacket onto the ground. He kissed her, sending a fiery glow coursing through her chest. Before she knew it they were lying on the coat, his lips eagerly seeking hers. His nose clashed with her specs and she sniggered. He smiled and eased them off her face, dropping them to one side.
    The intensity of his passion began to seem overwhelming; Phillipa thought she might burst into flames, so hot did his embrace make her. It was only the smell of burning cloth that alerted them to the fact her dress was on fire, the blaze caused by her discarded glasses and the powerful sun.
    Phillipa stared at the scorched hole; this was going to take some explaining to mother.

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