Guest Writer Spot

I’m thrilled to welcome Murray Clarke back to my Friday Guest Writer Spot. Murray is known for his short stories, but here he shares the only poem he has ever written with us. And pretty stunning it is too.

Here’s a little bit about Murray:

Murray Clarke has a real passion for writing short stories – and began putting pen to paper when he was only eight years old (which is more years ago than he cares to remember!) He has had many flash fiction stories published, mainly in small press magazines. After a lifetime working in the broadcast television industry as part of a video crew filming on location (he was one of the first people to work on ‘Countryfile’ and ‘Top Gear’, for example), he now owns, along with his wife, the franchise to three estate agencies in the East Midlands.

Every day he writes the details on the web for many of the properties on sale, and takes professional photographs. In his spare time, he writes. Last year, being keen to improve his writing skills, Murray enrolled on a Comprehensive Creative Writing Course with The Writers Bureau, under the watchful eye of Esther Newton. His ambition, one day, is to have a book published.

Beyond The Sunset

A Poem by Murray Clarke

 A space. A void. Nothing there except his own finality.

A chance to dream. To remember what might have been.

Another time. Another place far from this place.

If only. And yet maybe his time would come again.

A chance to be happy. A chance, one final chance to

Grasp at happiness before it was too late.

He had done it all before – a long time ago. And now

It could be done again. If he was resolute and firm.

Give nothing of yourself and you get nothing back.

Put nothing in and you can expect nothing in return.

Life is like that. Of this he was sure. But even so.

Surely it was all worth one more effort, one supreme

Sacrifice? He was alone but somehow not on his own.

There were others – others who would want to help

If only he would let them. Now was the time to decide

Before it was all too late and light dissolved to

Darkness. There must be no going back. Ever.

Find the courage. Now, before it was too late.


Or face extinction.


If you’d like to see your work in my Guest Writer Spot, please contact me here or by e-mail: I accept stories, poems, articles – in fact, anything and everything. All you have to do is make sure your prose is no longer than 2000 words and your poems no more than 40 lines.



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