Monday Motivations

I hope you’re all having a good Monday so far. If you’re struggling for inspiration, here’s a challenge to help your creative brain to get working.

Write a flash fiction piece of between 50-300 words with the following two lines in it somewhere:

Well, that was certainly fun. And very unexpected.  

I hope that gets the ideas coming. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Last week’s challenge brought in some interesting and entertaining stories.

Here was your challenge:

Write a flash fiction piece of between 50-200 words with the following line in it somewhere:

“No! Stop what you’re doing. Now!” he yelled. 

Hugh Roberts was first in with his clever tale:

“No! Stop what you are doing. Now!” he yelled.

Beads of sweat trickled down Tom’s face, stinging his eyes. His heart raced so fast that had it been a racing car, it would have crossed the finishing line way ahead of the rest of the field.

“Are you sure?” asked Zoe.

Tom’s head felt like it was going to explode. He didn’t want to launch himself into the unknown…not yet! Then he remembered that dream he had always had.

“No…Oh go on then,” he said, as he squeezed his eyes shut.

Zoe turned around and pushed the button. Tom’s first book had now been published.

Ageofaquariousweb felt inspired:

“No! Stop what your doing! Now!” he yelled.

As I look into my fiance’s face and see the look in his eyes I can tell he loves me. With the words of the Officiant, I know that this is real and I am happier than I have been in my whole life. Battling love TKO’s after another, I finally have found the man of my dreams.

“And if there is any one who see this marriage not fit, speak now or forever hold your peace”…

“No! Stop what your doing! Now!” he yelled. WTF….”Is that my baby, daddy, you are kidding me right now”!

“Security, escort this missing link the hell out of here. Did he really think he had a say?”

“Go ahead, son, I mean, Pastor, we are ready!”

Bubbles and Beebots sent in a brilliant story:

“No! Stop what you’re doing. Now!” he yelled.

It was the first time her father had ever yelled.

MOM was always the one harping on about math grades and coming home past curfew.

Her constant nagging made Dad afraid to come home.

When he did, he was always so nice. He took her out for pizza. He undid the locks on her cell phone.

Which was why she told the courts Mom would get drunk and hit her.

HE loved her, unlike Mom.

But he’d been somehow changing, ever since she’d moved in.

Here’s the next entertaining piece in the Mary Jane series from Rajiv Chopra:

‘No! Stop what you’re doing. Now!’ he shouted. Spidey woke up with a start. It was not a dream. He had seen her do it. He looked around. He was alone. It was not a horrible dream.
That evening he was at his favourite pub, that hated letter in hand. The letter in the black envelope. That’s when he saw those hated Hobbits, each holding a black envelope.

‘What’s going on?’ he asked, finding himself to be unusually warm and chummy. Misery does indeed seek misery, and finds comfort in the least expected places.

They showed them their black envelopes, gloomy lines coursing down their almost childlike, ageless faces. ‘A beer,’ said Frodo. ‘Let’s have a beer, and drown our sorrows together.’

Beer flowed along with their lament. Tears coursed down their cheeks. They vowed eternal, drunken friendship, and swore to find her.

As the evening wore on, the pub doors were flung open, and in walked a most outlandish person. Dressed in green, with a white pasty face, dressed in a red smile that seemed to have been carved on to his visage.

He snarled bitterly. ‘My Harley Quinn has run off with some dame called Mary Jane Parker.’

And here’s Simon Farnell‘s super take on the prompt. Please click on the link to read his story:






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21 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. I’m staring at my keyboard trying to fix a scene, so I couldn’t resist taking part…it’s good to get the creative juices flowing! You got some great entries from last week 🙂

    Here’s my take on challenge:

    “Well, that was certainly fun. And very unexpected.”
    Sophia snorted out a laugh. “Unexpected? You were asking for it. And you knew what would happen if you pushed me.” She reached out to catch a dollop of buttercream as it slid a sugary path down his cheek. Sucking the treat into her mouth she surveyed the area. Total and utter carnage surrounded them. It would take hours to clean up the food.
    When her eyes flicked back to Gareth she found his gaze on her. The laughter erupted again until they were squirming on the ground like children. A glazed cherry that was attached to a chunk of cake dropped from his nose and landed on her shoulder with a soft plop. Damn him, but he always managed to have the last laugh.

  2. Simon says:

    I love the stories that come from your prompts. What are the rules around the stories from this? 😉

  3. Rajiv says:

    I like Ms Simpson’s version!

    And.. you have only yourself to blame for this one!

    “Well, that was certainly fun. And very unexpected.”
    The two of them lay there in the bed together, their sweat mingling, dusky smells emanating from their recent, amorous activities.
    “I loved it when Spidey saw us kissing”, sighed Mary Jane. Harley’s smile was wide, and she purred and stroked Mary Jane’s cheek.
    “The Joke is on my man”, she whispered. “What would I have given to see the look on his face, when he opened The Black Envelope”.
    “And, to think, we gave each of them identical, Black Envelopes. We really are wicked! So, what shall we do now?”, she asked, looking suggestively at Harley Quinn.
    Silence followed, broken only by a few sighs.
    Later that evening, a car pulled out of Gotham, and the two of them raced off into a romantic sunset. Life was theirs for the taking. There was no man to answer to, no triangle or quadrangle to get messed up in, or no mad smile to manage. They were free, and their car raced off into the distant horizon, with the two women, screaming in joy. They gave their new found freedom and love full throttle, and soon all that was left was the dust of the city as it settled down for the night.
    Night, however, found four men sitting around a table, the shadows on their grim faces, the table lit solely by the quintessential lamp.
    The Band of Forsaken Brothers, is what they called themselves, initially. Then, they decided that this was too dramatic a name. The League of The Black Envelope was better. This too, was not good enough.
    And then, they hit upon a name. The Band of Black and Red (In deference to The Crazy One’s red mouth, and Spidey’s red costume).
    They were ready for the chase!

  4. andybeddy says:

    Well, what can i say? this prompt was very unexpected! I wrote this in January just before i started the writing course, probably the first fiction I had written in over 30 years! I’ve just tweaked the last couple of sentences to fit, but this is my little effort, hope you like it:

    It happened so unexpectedly I nearly spilt my latte over my wife. The middle aged man sitting next to me stood up suddenly and began singing “silent night”
    At the same time the 3 teenagers by the escalators threw off their hoodies and began to sing along in perfect harmony. Then the balcony of the upper mall erupted with what seemed like hundreds of voices all singing along with the group down here with us.
    The shopping mall’s lights began to dim and the Christmas tree lights cast a warming glow over the whole shopping mall.
    “What’s happening?” I whispered. I looked at Bev and I could see the grin on my wife’s face as she, too, stood up and joined in with the choir. It was then that the penny dropped, this was why she had been so slow doing the shopping today. She knew what was happening because this was the choir from her church, the one I had only recently started going to, which is why I didn’t recognise all the faces. This was a “flash mob”
    I couldn’t help, it. Standing next to my wife I joined in, squeezing her hand with joy.
    All too soon it was over. The lights came back on in the mall and the hoodies were back on the teenager’s heads. Life resumed as if nothing had happened.
    I looked at my wife, “Well, that was certainly fun. And very unexpected.” I said
    “Yes dear, it was.” She grinned, “Shall we go home?”

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