My Weekly Writing Challenge

It’s that time of the week again – challenge time. Here are my latest challenges for you:

OPTION ONE: Write a fifteen-word story with the words HUNGRY, TAXI and SUPERMAN in it somewhere.

OPTION TWO: Write a poem or limerick on the theme of FOOD.

OPTION THREE: Your word is AUTUMN. Yes, it’s just around the corner. What does autumn signify to you? The end of summer? Glorious colours on the trees? Christmas?! Your piece can be a true-story, or completely fictional.

Here are last week’s challenges and the wonderful array of writing:

OPTION ONE was to write a fifteen-word story with the words WINNER, FROZEN and ELIXIR in it somewhere.


A real winner? Frozen elixir of youth. Instructions: won’t keep long, use within three month!

Bitchy Muse:

Too late. She stood frozen. Elixir? Stolen. That bitch? The winner. Her prize? My Prince.

Urvashi Panda:

Life, the winner, capers on the frozen planet… HE, the elixir-maker, is an absolute alchemist!

Rajiv Chopra:

The winner was given a freezing elixir to drink. Poor thing. Her throat was frozen.

OPTION TWO was to write a poem or limerick on the theme of DECEPTION.

Oh, how I’ve missed Keith Channing‘s limericks. Welcome back!:

It seems that my little deception
Had less than a lukewarm reception
I thought it was good
But that, never could
Perception match up to conception.

I stood on the famed Bridge of Sighs
Looking up at the clearest of skies
I saw from inception
My life was deception
A profusion of badly-told lies.

I should maybe be more circumspect
After all, what more could I expect
I was always deceived
In the things I believed
I had suffered from spiritual neglect.

When I practise my famed introspection
I see life in a different complexion
What I once thought were lies
I now realise
Was simply factual disconnection.

But if truth is just true to each person
What is there for us to immerse in
If eternal veracity
Equates to mendacity
The state of our race can but worsen.

Rajiv Chopra:

The word, ‘deception’, is so full of meaning,
With too much truth, we’d all be screaming.
At the end of time, we seek God’s redemption,
Yet cannot live without some deception.

I look at the sky, and it is blue;
This ‘scientific’ fact is just not true.
The light does bend, on entering or sphere
And fools our brains, this should be clear.

You speak the truth, and so do I,
Yet, I thnk you lie, I scream and cry.
You deceive me, fool me, with your lies,
We’ll fight for honour, till I see you die.

One man’s virtue, another one’s vice.
Fraud and deception spread like lice.
The rich, the powerful, protect their place,
With honeyed words, and a hidden mace.

The Grand Vizier, sits in the sky
Smiling benignly from his throne so high.
The priests spin myths, and make us fools
In their quest for gold, we are their tools.

With Satan’s laugh, your blood shall curdle
To reach his lair, there is no hurdle.
Who do you meet, when you see him there?
Yourself, you fool, your lies laid bare.

At the end of days, Maya lifts the veil,
Of illusion and delusion; our lies she’ll peel.
Before her, naked, no more deception,
You scream and run, there’s no redemption.

The poem’s done, the Mongrel’s sung his song
I pray, your Honour, it wasn’t too long.
If I have lied, or have deceived you.
My friend, I am happy, and God is too.



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20 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Simon says:

    It’s good to know your bonkers and as mad as a box of frogs, you’re right all the best people are and I guess it has something to do with why we get on well 🙂

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  2. DrEMiller says:

    Reblogged this on Write of Passage and commented:
    A new writing challenge from Esther Newton!
    Enjoy. 😊


  3. EDC Writing says:

    I don’t know if this fits the bill re autumn?

    Through the clinging mist of doubts, impenetrable as it seems, we’ll find the end of reasons, for us not to be. I’ll reach out in blind faith to take your hand, to guide your steps towards me. You’ll falter, feel unsure, but keep edging closer, your belief in me and us growing ever stronger. You’re very close now, a step or two away, from falling into my arms, our first embrace, our first kiss, the start of a new life, I with you and you with me. I wrote this a while ago, budding days of spring when I thought you’d only be content with me, and now so many leaves to turn, our autumn, you content to bare, live with just being here.

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  4. Rajiv says:

    “Superman was really hungry. He took a taxi, and dashed off to the Queen’s breakfast!”

    Let’s see what I come up with next..

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  5. These are so much fun to read! Love the quote also. 🙂

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  7. Rajiv says:

    Okay…. got something for food… Superman inspired me

    The old men of the mountains, sat down to talk; They circled the fires, flames lighting the dark. One said to the others, ‘Let’s talk and let’s eat’, ‘Let’s get our food – wine, vegetables and meat’.

    The others agreed, the talk was on about food; The idea did warm them, and lighten their mood. ‘Food is essence of life’, one smilingly said, ‘I quite like that thought’, while munching some bread.

    The old man from America, brought in a cow; After cooking a steak, he decided to bow. The one from England, cooked a big stew, Looking over his great pot, his smile grew and grew.

    The old man of France, cooked a great snail, And then he decided, to swing the cow’s tail. The Korean one, he cooked a small dog, And then said, ‘This one tastes just like a small frog.’

    The old man of China cooked a long snake, ‘It’s blood I shall drink, and it’s body I’ll bake’. The one from the Pole, cooked a white bear, He looked at the others, and offered to share.

    And finally the last, brown skinned and thin, ‘I’ll take all your food, and load the trash bin. It’s vegetables and roots, no cows for me, No bear, no snail, no snake – I’m wiser than thee’.

    The Old Men of the Mountains all started to shout, and to fight; ‘Our food is the best’, they all screamed in the night. They pulled at the beards, and the clothes that they wore, They scratched and they screamed, till life was no more.

    And there they did lie, on that mountain top, Where fires were burning, but their hearts all did stop. Lifeless they lay, their wisdom was shattered. The winds blew strong, and the food was now scattered.

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  8. Bindu says:

    ” Taxi!” roared Superman hangrily. ” Am hungry, thirsty too. Start, off and away to Vampire’s buffet.

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