Monday Motivations

Recently, I started setting you a Monday challenge. You certainly seem to be enjoying them. Here’s another one for you:

Write a flash fiction piece of between 50-200 words with the following three lines in it somewhere. The lines don’t have to follow on from one another:

  • The glass smashed to the floor
  • He was in love
  • Just how was he going to get out of this one?

Here is last week’s challenge:

You had 200 words in which to write a story featuring the following two lines:

I hadn’t thought that would happen. So what was I going to do now?

Thank you to those of you who sent in the pieces you worked on:

Please click on the following link to see Simon Farnell‘s compelling story:

EDC Writing‘s is brilliant:

I sent the email, I know, I shouldn’t have. Well more a reply to hers, she’d hit me unexpectedly, early morning watching Mo Farah winning the 5000 metres final. In truth a race I hardly saw too caught up in chasing her with words. All I said was I missed her, her beauty her quirky ways … and that she was special, things I’d said before, come on, where did I go wrong?

Within the hour she’d sent back photos, quite a few, most innocent, except one or two. The pole in her bedroom, okay I guess we all exercise, but the tattoo, the last letter of my name clipping her pantie line. Had to be seen to be believed and yes right then I wanted to. I craved to trace the inked label, even though six thousand miles away, my night, her afternoon. A bit of ethereal fun, okay taken a bit too far, no real harm done.

I played it cool, sent back ‘looking good!’ she said ‘I’m on my way’. On the way to where? Bloody hell she’s coming to the UK! I hadn’t thought that would happen. So what was I going to do now?

Rajiv Chopra continues the super saga of Mary Jane Parker!

I am Mary Jane Parker. I am in a dilemma. You know my love – Spiderman.

Recently, I met with two of the cutest characters you could ever have imagined. Their names are Frodo and Samwise. They could very well be characters out of a book. They have this obsession with mushrooms, and pipes! Their feet are furry, and they do talk funny. Dark Lords, and Rings and strange creatures. Such imagination!

They are quaint, but they are so cute and I love to spend time with them. For some reason, I noticed that they seemed to be cold to each other. I wonder why. Really, I wonder why.

Then, there is Spidey. They detest him, and he returns the dislike. Why can’t they hug and kiss like we women do, and just be friends? But no. They must each try to best the other. Each wants to spend time with me alone.

It is flattering, it is, you know, but so stressful indeed.

And now, they are having a duel. Why?

I hadn’t thought that this would happen. So, what was I supposed to do now? A girl just cannot have her hair done in peace. It is so unfair.




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22 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. Simon says:

    Good stuff Esther!

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  2. Rajiv says:

    Hi Esther, I am continuing with the saga of Mary Jane. You had me in a bit of a soup on this one, but I do have something.

    ‘Deception’ is still in progress… It is a challenging one

    Here goes

    ‘His beer spilled. The glass smashed to the floor. That is when I realized it. He was in love. Yes, damn it. Sam was in love with Mary Jane Parker. I do not understand why she encouraged him. Yes, he has been my friend, my companion, my support. However, it was me, Frodo, who was the chosen one. I am the one who was chosen by The Wizard, the Elves and the Dwarves to carry the load, and destroy The Evil One.

    Now, I don’t understand why Mary Jane does not see this, and why she laughs at me indulgently when I talk of those days. Sam, when all is said and done, was my gardener.

    My gardener. I am the leader. I am The Chosen One.


    Then, there is The Spider. As if life was not complex enough, I see no reason for Mary Jane to blush when she sees The Spider. What does he do after all? Fly about and fling webs across the place.

    Wait….. There is a solution. I will mend with Sam, and we’ll plot together to bring The Spider down.

    Poor Spiderman. A plot was afoot. Just how was he going to get out of this one?’

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  4. EDC Writing says:

    I’ll see what I can do … no doubt 11th hour again for me!

    And by the way I really did get an unexpected email during Mo Farah’s race … but not quite in that vein … she didn’t have the tattoo!

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  5. Helen Jones says:

    Another nice group of stories, Esther – I’m enjoying Rajiv’s series! 🙂 I’ve put something together for the next one, will post it tomorrow all being well.

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  8. I gave it a go this week. Not fab but done. 🙂 Thanks for the motivation.

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  9. EDC Writing says:

    Hi Esther … my response to your latest challenge which I’ve posted on my blog too … thank you for setting these … Eric.

    He held her in the shower, the door he broke down scorched. The adjacent window breathed flames, the glass smashed to the floor. Her naked body clung to his singed chest, he was in love, he bore the pain of seared skin on a back she’d never see. A sudden rush, red machine pumped water soaked the walls, their smoke screen held no more. Masked faces spared her modesty, their looks of awe for him. All thought ‘just how was he going to get out of this one?’ then all realised, it hadn’t crossed his mind, his body given up to shield, his last breath to pray ‘please let her live well beyond this day.’

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