My Weekly (Fortnightly this week!) Writing Challenge

My apologies; for reasons beyond my control, last week’s challenge is being carried over to this week. So, all of you who have sent in wonderful stories, poems and limericks on last week’s themes can have another go or, if you missed the challenge altogether, you now have another opportunity. All entries sent in will be posted on my blog next week. Here is the challenge:

OPTION ONE: Write a six-word story with the word FLABBERGASTED in it somewhere.

OPTION TWO: Write a poem or limerick on the theme of DAYDREAMS.

OPTION THREE: Your word is SPORT. With the Olympics currently taking place, I thought I’d be topical. What does sport mean to you? Being part of a team? Drive? Ambition? Or does the word make you break out in a cold sweat if you even think about running/cycling/exercising? Your piece of writing can be fiction or truth, or a mixture of the two; it’s up to you.



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15 Responses to My Weekly (Fortnightly this week!) Writing Challenge

  1. Rabbit food and still collywobbles?? Flabbergasted.
    My first time in a competition and I am a newbie. This seems for more seasoned writers but just wanted to write. 😁

  2. Flabbergasted just because I killed you????
    woops….should be: Flabbergasted just because I kissed you????

  3. Rajiv says:

    Hi Esther

    I decided to do a reprise…. of daydreams. A bit of whimsy
    She comes to me in the dark of night, She looked at me with a face so white. I screamed and woke the ghosts that haunt, And disturbed them in their nocturnal jaunt.

    She smiled at me with her bloodless lips, And walked to me, with her swaying hips. She opened her mouth, she seemed to bite. Oh no, I don’t give up with out a fight!

    She smiled at me, with her teeth so sharp, Her nails are claws that scratch out the dark. She wants my blood, says it feeds her lust, And bit my neck, my world went bust.

    I woke up suddenly, with a horrific yell – And looked around, at my daylight Hell. Oh, thank thee Lord, it was a daydream, But, damn thee Satan, I love her, I scream.

    I am the dreamer, I am my dreams; It’s her bite I love, I’m crazy, it seems. This daylight world, I give to thee; I want the dark, the dark is me.

  4. Urvashi Panda says:

    Single-flagged world with single-anthemed soul, Flabbergasted!
    This is my first entry here and I’m not sure if the hyphenated words are counted as one or not,just couldn’t resist the temptation to write.

  5. EDC Writing says:

    … and so, her own flabbergasted his …

  6. EDC Writing says:

    Had to write this one down else I’ll not get it out of my head – still there!

    … that she touched flabbergasted so much …

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