Guest Writer Spot

This week’s guest writer, Lucy Jackson, is a woman after my own heart; she’s a cat lover, too. Here’s a little bit about her:

“Cats have always played a big part in my life and I currently have seven! They’ve inspired me to write poetry and I’ve probably written well over a hundred poems! Other subjects I like to write about include the seasons, flowers and the sea. I live by the coast and its beauty never fails to move me.

“This particular poem is just a bit of fun and was inspired by my darling boy, Basil. Though he wasn’t quite as chubby as Marmite, nor as famous!”



Lucy Jackson


There was a cat,

Who was ever so fat,

Marmite was his name.


He ate and he ate,

‘Til he got stuck in a gate,

It was such a shame.


He was put on a diet,

It made him so quiet,

His owners felt the blame.


He tried to exercise,

But it hurt his thighs,

That was the end of that game.


The paper told his story,

Pictured him in all his glory,

He had always wanted fame.


People came from all around,

Just to see him lie on the ground,

Luckily he was tame.


But they soon got bored,

Of a cat who lay there and snored,

But his owners loved him all the same.



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2 Responses to Guest Writer Spot

  1. Funny….my cat is now 18 years old. I chant my buddhist stuff every morning, and he sits faithfully by my side…in a past life he may have been my master…;-)

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