Monday Motivations

As usual, the weekend went by in a flash and it’s Monday again. Though, for those of us in England, it’s been a bank holiday so that Monday morning feeling hasn’t been quite so bad.

We’re now into May and so you have less that a month to send your entries in for my  short story competitions One of them is for a flash fiction story of up to 100 words. Why not have a go? You can write a story to make me laugh, or a science fiction story to propel me into another world, or you could go for a spooky story to send shivers up my spine .  Here’s one of mine for you:

The Face

She looked into the mirror, prodding and poking, twisting and tugging at her face. Her reflection stared back at her, prodding and poking, twisting and tugging.

The mist came swirling and swaying. The face appeared.

She opened her mouth.

“Don’t bother,” the mirror said, “you aren’t the fairest of them all. You were once, but you’re an ugly old bat now. I mean it.”

Snow White had to admit that age hadn’t done her any favours.



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13 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. I promise to get my entry to you this week, Esther. Having moved house last week, it’s only today I’ve got back to some kind of normality (whatever normality is 😀).
    I read the story to the family last night and they loved it. I just need for my partner to check for any mistakes and then it will be with you.
    Have a great week.

  2. Rajiv says:

    That is a brilliant one!

  3. AJ.Dixon says:

    That’s a fun little story! 😐

  4. Jason Moody says:

    My kind of story!

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