My Weekly Writing Challenge

Looking for some inspiration? Then why not give my latest writing challenge a go?

Option one: Write a limerick with the word LOVE in it somewhere

Option two: Write a poem on the theme of SONG

Option three: Write a twenty-word story using all of the following words: BIEBER, ALIAS, VORTEX, BILATERAL, LACONIC and TURGID

Last week option one was to write a limerick with the word SCHOOL featuring in it somewhere. Here are the entertaining results –

Keith Channing shows why he’s the best at this:

My dad said I’d end up a fool
If I didn’t work hard in school
“To increase your station
You’ll find education
Is by far the most powerful tool.”

Your future potential to earn
Is your fundamental concern
At school you’ll be taught
Everything that you ought
To be everso willing to learn.

Your schooldays are always the best
Right up to the A level test
So, like it or not,
Just sit there and swot
Then you’ll be prepared for the rest.

The urge both to learn and to teach
Should not be beyond anyone’s reach
To be a good scholar
There’s no need to holler
Just head straight to school, not the beach.

My first day at school I was scared
I didn’t feel really prepared
Mum left me alone
While I quaked to the bone
Then I found a nice teacher who cared.

Jason Moody is next up with some hilarious limericks:

The school bully’s name it was Billy
Who loved to make me look silly
So in the middle of maths
I pulled down his pants
And the class all laughed at his hair.

Some kids of today are quite dense
No opinions, they sit on the fence
At school they should stay
They’d have something to say
Instead they’re just full of pretence.

I’ve discovered the secret of cool
This involves weekday visits to school
Your intellect puny
But you’ll end up in Uni
Just don’t skip or you’ll end up a fool.

Graeme Sandford‘s is short and witty:

Cool –

Option two was for a poem on the theme of WILDLIFE.

Rajiv Chopra has written a powerful poem:

I like the tiger, I like his claw,
I like his tooth, and I like his maw.
We smash his bones,
With big, pretty stones
Then chant a spell, and make a powder
Just to give my sex much more power.

In the waters, by light and dark,
Swim the fishes and the sharks.
The fins are cut, just for the soup
Their bodies, in pain, then start to droop.
Our hunger, our desire, continue to grow.
It’s important for many to brag and show.

Creatures with feathers taste very nice
We breed them and feed them, with a bit o ‘spice.
With hormones injected, they grow very juicy
Cooped in their cages, their lives are not easy
The technology to breed, has spread far and wide
Our feathered friends have nowhere to hide.

But wildlife, my friends, can bring us much joy
To enjoy Nature’s laws, we must not be coy.
The world is a big place, with room for us all,
A calm mind will help us to hear Nature’s call.
They feed us, they nourish us, they give off their soul,
Wildlife is more than just meat in a bowl.

To look at them move, is a sight that can thrill
A world without them, would give me a chill
To not hear bird chirp, or tigers roar,
Think of that world – it’s extremely poor.
But we can save our wildlife, starting with one,
And one more, and one more, let’s bring them some sun.

Our children will thank us for thinking of them;
For saving this treasure, and sharing with them.
The joys of the birds, the bees and the fish
The sounds and the smells; the colours, the hiss.
The time is now, there’s no moment to lose,
Our legacy, our world, it’s ours to choose.

Lastly, option three was for you to write a twenty-word story using all of the following words: COLIN, GAMER, INEFFABLE, TRAPEZE and MORRIS DANCING. I loved all the different stories you came up with.

EDC Writing starts us off with a belter:

Colin a once ineffable trapeze artist, secret passion Morris dancing, seeks open minded sedentary gamer, for whatever we can manage?

Jason Moody treats us with five super stories:

“She’s a trapeze loving, Morris dancing gamer,” said Colin.

“She sounds ineffable,” said Mark.

“I know. Date’s tonight.” said Colin.

Colin, an ineffable gamer waited in the Argos queue for his trapeze. Outside, Morris dancing entertained shoppers in the mall.

The ineffable gamer, Colin bounced on his trapeze. He couldn’t stop thinking about the Latin Morris dancing. Ole, he thought.

“Have you tried Morris dancing?” asked the assistant.

“No,” said Colin. “I’m an ineffable gamer.”


He hated chit chat.

Colin was in an ineffable mood. He’d just watched Gerard Butlers Gamer. Morris dancing, trapeze, drinking. Nothing cheered him up.

Rajiv Chopra had fun writing this one:

Colin, ever the gambler, had to jump up and down on the trapeze everyday, whilst watching that ineffable Morris dancing.




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29 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Jason Moody says:

    Before you decide that ‘you do’
    Be sure to your love you are true
    In sickness and health
    Be it poor or with wealth
    Be their Rock, their strength, their glue

  2. Jason Moody says:

    Bieber’s music was sent to the turgid vortex. The laconic bilateral agreement was signed by his alias too. Lucky, eh?

  3. Jason Moody says:

    “Laconic, bilateral, turgid. What do they mean?” asked Justin.

    “Bieber? Has you’re head been in a vortex” said his Alias.

  4. These are just limericks – they’re not treatises on love, neither are they comments on the state of my own marriage which, I’m delighted to say, is as happy and as strong now as it has ever been.
    They’re just limericks, right?

    The cynic

    I frequently sit up and wonder
    Why my heart has been riven asunder
    Is this really love,
    This push and this shove,
    Or just a great big, cosmic blunder?

    And yet we keep on taking seriously
    The notion we hold to deliriously
    That love will win through;
    It ain’t always true,
    Though for many it is, mysteriously!

    We marry ‘till death us do part’
    And then we get bored – have a heart!
    The first love is best,
    But as for the rest,
    They could be doomed, right from the start.

    Love is a four-letter word.
    So, for that matter, is turd.
    Though love inspires art
    We end up in Walmart,
    Now, don’t you think that is absurd?

    It really should be no surprise
    That so many will come to despise
    The loves of their lives,
    Their husbands and wives.
    (My limericks, of course, are all lies.)

  5. EDC Writing says:

    This a tough one to get a word flow…but here goes:

    ‘Alias just in case hormonal vortex ensues. Bieber mama don’t like, laconic not her, turgid oh yes, bilateral never works!’

  6. Helen Jones says:

    Hi Esther! Hope you’re having a good week 🙂 Here’s my effort:

    ‘Laconic Bieber writes more turgid lyrics, gets sucked into a bilateral vortex forever.’ Alias: Things I Wish Would Really Happen.


  7. Jason Moody says:

    If it’s in your heart, then let it go
    Release the feeling, put it on show
    Don’t bottle it, and hide the thing
    Let it fly, let’s hear you sing

    Better now? Can you feel the song?
    Embrace it, enjoy it, there’s nothing wrong
    When you have a song, when you trust its words
    The let it out, let it be heard.

  8. TanGental says:

    Been a while but here we go

    My life in music

    Down the years
    Over some beers
    I’ve discussed my musicology
    But most of my mates
    Have been quick to state
    I’ve an embarrassing discography

    Starting quiet late
    I sealed my fate
    By preferring ballads to rock
    I tried to improve
    But they laughed at my groove
    As I said I’d become a punk jock

    I pogoed and spat
    And took no sort of crap
    Even if I’d become rather frantic
    But I gave it away
    By wearing one day
    Eye liner: a new romantic

    As I passed down the years
    Though Tears for Fears
    From Cher to Kirsty McColl
    I’d did my best
    To try to impress
    But they told me I knew bugger all

    I know it’s not true
    I do have a clue
    I now have immaculate taste
    On this my word’s final
    Even if I buy vinyl
    I no longer have breath to waste

    See I still cut the mustard
    Following Buble and Busted
    I’m hip with my cool selection
    I may be an old fart
    But I’m still young at heart
    As I scream ‘I love One Direction’.

  9. Le Fragi says:


    My ‘maybe a bit too near the nuckle’ ‘love’ Limerick

    Love is a four-letter word
    And an anagram of ‘vole’ so I’ve heard
    But, and here I will swear,
    You’d better love her with care,
    Or else she’ll f*** off with some t***!

    PS – a poet uses his life experiences to create his masterpieces – or sometimes just to vent the spleen (raging against himself?)

    G:/ you can delete this if you like, it’s just inspired by one of my life’s happenings.

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