My Weekly Writing Challenge

It’s that time of the week already – time for me to set you a new challenge or two or three:

Option one: Write a limerick with the word CLOWN  in it somewhere

Option two: Write a poem on the theme of RAIN

Option three: Write a twenty-word story using all of the following words: KERFUFFLE, ORANGE, PRISON, DUNK, CINDERELLA and SWEAR

Last week option one was to write a limerick with the word CHOCOLATE featuring in it somewhere. Here are the delicious results:

Keith Channing always brings something special to the table:

Choc’late is so hard to rhyme,
I’ve been trying it, time after time
It seems such a waste
As chocolate’s taste
Is truly divinely sublime.

The Doc says my pressure systolic
Is high because I’m chocoholic.
He says too much choc’late
Will cause a small blocklet
And give me a bad case of cholic.

But what does he know? He’s a quack.
He claims that I’m way off the track
I’ll eat so much choc
That I’ll be chock-a-bloc
And get a full-blown heart attack!

Stephanie Buosi had this to say: ‘Challenge one of three, on Esther Newton’s blog was to use “chocolate” in a limerick. I got a little carried away and wrote three, although only the last one follows the rules‘. Please take a look at her site and enjoy:

Now it’s over to Sarah Evans:

All chocolate is so yummy,
Especially when it’s inside your tummy,
But you better beware,
Too much is a snare,
So hide all excess from your mummy.

It was great to see Marje opting to take up the limerick challenge. Do have a look at her wonderful limerick:

Ladylemanila had fun with her ditty. Please visit her site to have a read:

Now, my limerick challenge wouldn’t be quite the same without Graeme Sandford‘s unique take on them:

Chocolate Limerick #1

I wanted to write a Limerick ’bout chocolate – just for fun
But, I decided to write it whilst sat in the sun
And before I’d even begun
The words started to run
And I had to throw the whole soggy mess away.

PS actually, I ate it.

Chocolate Limerick #2

There once was a chocolate so dark
That it lived in a tree in the park
It called itself Cyril
But was spied by a squirrel
Which ate it for some topical lark.

Chocolate Limerick #3

At Easter the Chocolate is lush

And we eat all we can in a rush

From morning ’til night

In this feast we delight

And the results you can see in our tush!

PS ‘Tush’ is another word for our botties.

Chocolate LimerickPlus #4

“Dark or Light? Fruit or Nut?”
These were her words – were they not?
She wanted to know
If we were okay to go
But they all missed the cut
As the suitcase wouldn’t shut
And so we ate them right there in Heathrow.

Jason Moody also composed a limerick or two or three or four:

It romances the tongue like a dream
And leaves you feeling rather serene
But don’t do what Len did
Or you’ll end up at the dentist
And we all know that they’re rather mean.

The chocolate bar was quite delightful
But the pain soon after was frightful
I don’t know about you
But I now feel quite blue
And my toothache has lasted since nightfall.

One bar of chocolate a day
The dentist won’t mind, that’s ok
But eat more than one
And it stops being fun
And will lead to a lot of decay.

I couldn’t stop eating, it’s true
The chocolate pudding like glue
It stuck to my teeth
And just like s thief
It’s taken my filling out too.

David Harrison brings the limerick challenge to an end with two great limericks:

Barry’s cross with his chocolate bunny

It’s melted and now it’s all runny

“Only good for the litter!” said Ben with a titter

Barry roared “I don’t think that’s funny!”


On Sue’s chocolate egg was a hex

Making its eater change sex

She’s swapped all her blouses

For waistcoats and trousers

And everyone now calls him Rex.

Option two was for a poem on the theme of HOLIDAYS. There were some interesting and thought-provoking results:

I’m always thrilled when Geoff Le Pard takes up the challenge. He had this to say about his poem: ‘I started this a while back, during a Caribbean holiday. The Soca Roca was the disco boat that cruised the bay. I’ve had a go at finishing it under the pressure of your prompt!’

Sonnet of Sand

The Soca Roca thrums past, a rainbow
On the puckered sea. Misshapen skulls,
Guano iced, are parliament to trilling gulls
Eyeing the coral fish, flashing their tarty show.
Cinnamon frosted babies, paint the beach
With plastic spades; eyeless parents, basted
For spit roasting; happy to have wasted
Their nurtured cash on dark staining their peach
White flesh. Seven days of frantic relaxation,
Spent anxiously checking for zebra stripes,
Are reward for a year’s dead-eyed toil. Gripes
Are banned; they have their compensation
In the form of a cheap booze-induced coma
And the first stirrings of a melanoma.

Rajiv Chopra sent in a fun poem:

“Every day, my girlfriend says
We must have a holiday.
I was fed up, she eats my brain
So, one day, to her I said:
My dear, prithee, please don’t bray!

She looked at me with killer eyes;
And swatted me, like I’m a fly.
Then screamed aloud for a holiday.
Inside of me, I started to pray,
And just dared to think: dear, please don’t bray!”

Graeme Sandford also sent an entertaining poem:

Holidays Acrostic

Holidays are great
Obviously we hate it when they are over
Late-rising becomes a thing of the past
Industry or school or plain old being are the rule
Days dragon, flying they were.
Aardvarks never killed anybody (that I know)
Yesterday we had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun (well, we would have done… if it hadn’t poured down from dusk till dawn till dusk) which has left us all forlorn.

The final option was to write a ten-word story using all of the following words: EGGS, EYEBROWS, BREAK, TIZZY, and CHEATING. Here are your hilarious results:

Jo Lambert was first in with her amusing story:

Guy’s cheating raised eyebrows; eggs break, everyone’s in a tizzy.

EDC Writing‘s story is brilliant:

Cheating Tizzy raises eyebrows break dancing on eggs and tomatoes.

Now it’s time for the wonderful Sacha Black:

“That’s CHEATING,” Tizzy said, eyebrows raised. “Stealing eggs breaks rules.”

Rajiv Chopra wrote a super story:

“With my cheating eyebrows, I can break eggs, Miss Tizzy…”

And finally, here’s David Harrison’s funny story:

“I’ll break the eggs over your eyebrows” said Tizzy. “Cheating!”




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32 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Sacha Black says:

    “Kerfuffle Dunk.”

    “Don’t swear, Cinderella.”

    “I hate ORANGE, PRISON suits”

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  2. JasonMoody77 says:

    The kerfuffle over the orange dunk tank in the prison amused Cinderella.

    “Funniest thing ever, I swear,” she said, giggling.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. JasonMoody77 says:

    “Cinderella, swear?” said Mortimer.

    He man handled the accuser and took him to the orange, prison dunk tank.

    Kerfuffle indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. JasonMoody77 says:

    Neville liked to dunk orange creams. As prison warden a kerfuffle was common, but to hear Cinderella swear? Quite uncommon.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. JasonMoody77 says:

    Drip drip drip.
    Oh the monotony
    Natures great ruiner
    But great for some botany

    Expensive new wellies?
    Go grab them, be quick
    Join in the chorus
    Drip drip drip.

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  6. Published at The lachrymose jester

    ‘Clown’ is this week’s chosen word
    Great for a smart-ass or nerd.
    To compose a good rhyme
    Will take far too much time
    So I’ll just knock out something absurd.

    Each clown wears his own special hat
    Be it pointed or rounded or flat
    It’s probably best
    If it matches his vest
    Else he’ll just look too much of a prat

    A clown often changes his act
    After seeing his public react
    His expression is quizzical
    His comedy physical
    Slapstick, as a matter of fact

    The smile of a clown hides his tears
    As he stands up, each day, to his fears.
    Is the public aware
    That his aim’s not to scare,
    But to pull out some laughs and some cheers

    It’s the laughter of kids keeps him going
    Not the falling, the running, the throwing.
    But the life of a clown
    Can be turned upside-down
    By the sadness that he’s banned from showing.

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  7. Sacha Black says:

    “Fuck. Orange?” Cinderella asked.

    “No swearing inmate. I don’t want a kerfuffle over this or I’ll dunk you in

    There we go! Much better!

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  8. Rajiv says:

    I am sleepy, so no mongrel verse from me.. 20 words, you say?
    “It was Cinderella who ate the orange, causing the kerfuffle! Dunk the hag in watermelon juice. Then, off to prison!”

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  9. JasonMoody77 says:

    If you have s spare 20 secs. I’ve just stated to add some rather silly short stories on my page! One would be delighted if you had a looksie!

    Liked by 1 person

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