Monday Motivations

A short while ago, I launched my two short story competitions (with prizes!) One of the competitions is for a flash fiction story of up to 100 words. The entries have already started coming in and there are stories which have made me gasp, others which have made me think wow, I wish I’d written that and some which have made me chuckle. Keep them coming!

Here’s one of mine as an example:


The zombies were coming closer; arms were reaching out, gargled grunts were gaining momentum and eyes, large and lifeless, sought hers. She screamed.

Something solid touched her shoulder. She jumped, her finger nails stabbing into her palms. She could barely breathe: this was it.

“Want a cup of tea, love?” She looked into her husband’s eyes and then back to the TV. She really shouldn’t watch horror films.



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7 Responses to Monday Motivations

  1. Those few lines were enough to build a damn scary environment. 🙂 Very well written.

  2. One of the best parts must be reading and sharing the entries. Cool one!

  3. Brian Kabaso says:

    Its really rhythmic, phony and short but telling. Well couched horror with simple lines, I wish I have reached that level.

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