Guest Writer Spot

Four of Traci Aina’s powerful poems have featured in my Friday Guest Writer Spot on previous occasions and I’m thrilled to welcome her back.

Here’s a little about her in her own words:

‘Hi, I’m Traci.  I am a beginner writer, wife and mother of two.  As well as writing, my passions are literature, travelling, yoga and meditation’.

You can read her three previous poems, Cold Lover, Another Baby Mother , Nobody Woman  and Hustler.

Mind Free


Traci Aina

Mind free, mind pure,
Mind unleashed from pain to endure
Set free, set loose,
No longer a noose,
Trouble-free, clear and vivid,
Mind so strong for one so timid.

Imagination runs riot
While sitting in the peace and quiet,
And why so free?
It’s fantasy,
Indulgence in such dreams
Is a crime maybe.

It does no harm, to be happy and calm,
Engrossed in the rapture and charm
Of dreaming, it’s so pleasant you see
Let your spirit loose and your mind run free.



If you’d like to see your work in my Guest Writer Spot, please contact me here or by e-mail: I accept stories, poems, articles – in fact, anything and everything. All you have to do is make sure your prose is no longer than 2000 words and your poems no more than 40 lines.



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3 Responses to Guest Writer Spot

  1. AJ.Dixon says:

    As someone who is frequently told of for day-dreaming, I can really relate to this! 😄
    A lovely poem, great use of rhyme throughout.

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