My Weekly Writing Challenge

So, it’s nearly the end of the week and time for my new writing challenge. Your three options are:

Option one: Write a limerick with the words HULA HOOP  in it somewhere

Option two: Write a poem on the theme of BEAUTY

Option three: Write a ten-word story using all of the following words: MARMALADE, SNICKERSNEE, NINCOMPOOP, SKULLDUGGERY and CORDELIA

Last week option one was to write a limerick with the word TRUMPET featuring in it somewhere. Here are the laugh out loud results:

King of Limericks, Keith Channing delights us first:

A trumpet is oft made of brass
Or silver, if looking for class;
But never pour scorn
On the humble French horn
Or you may well be put out to grass.

Jericho’s walls had to fall
When Joshua gave trumpet call;
To save himself face
He surrounded the place,
So it wouldn’t descend to a brawl.

Some thought Nell Gwynn was a strumpet,
Others a fine bit of crumpet
You’d have to work hard
To beat her ace card
But given a spade, you could trump it.

If you have a big load, you can truck it;
If you’re stuck in a trend, you can buck it.
The gift of a drum
You can pass to a chum,
But a trumpet – you blow it, don’t suck it.

Tessa‘s will make you smile:

I used to know a strumpet
Who loved to play a trumpet.
Her notes were clear.
She was a dear.
But now she’s eating a crumpet.

Graeme Sandford gives you his hilarious version:

An elephant whilst eating a crumpet
Auditioned for ‘Modern-Day Strumpet
His favourite boy-band
In all of the land
And now he has joined them on trombone.

Jason Moody’s two are really funny:

His Father said ‘You need to pump it.’
So Clive blew on it just like a trumpet.
The tire stayed depressed,
His face was a mess
So he knew he just had to lump it.

Elaine was a ditsy old strumpet
Who had a penchant for a crumpet
She also loved jazz
And all the pizzazz
So in addition, she took up the trumpet.

David Harrison has written two fantastic limericks:

There was once a most outrageous strumpet
Who was told by a punter to lump it
But she had the nous
To stand outside his house
At midnight whilst blowing a trumpet.
A flirty young bit of blonde crumpet
Got a Valentine from the lead trumpet
She clenched up her hand
Went to the bandstand
Saw his nose and decided to thump it.

Jason has written a very powerful poem on last week’s theme – love:

Chocolates and flowers?
Is that all that I get?
For tolerating you
Now I’m rather upset.

I don’t expect diamonds
We’re not that well off.
But these for court confections
At these I must scoff.

How long is it now?
The years I can’t count
The lines and the wrinkles
They’ve begun to amount.

Now you’ve got a whole year
‘Til it comes by again
If you repeat this
Then YOU’LL end in the bin.

Your second option was to write a poem on the theme of COLOUR:

Rajiv is first with his poem:

Black and white
Blue and green
I see the light
You know what I mean.

The colours, the tones,
The vibrance, the hues;
From cameras to phones
You have the clues.

My thoughts, my vision
They form my mission
To paint my mindscapes
Of Land and cityscapes.

The world is not drab
The colours make it fab;
You need just a splash
With balance, it’s a smash.

Black and white
Blue and green
I see the light
You know what I mean.

A regular in my Guest Writer Slot, Traci Aina shares her uplifting poem:

Colour me a story and I’ll paint it one by one,
Red is the passion where the writing dream begun,
Yellow is the sunshine that follows wind and rain
Pink is the compassion to wash away the pain
Colour is the story,  count it one by one
Follow your dreams, it’s not too late, it’s only just begun.

Les Moriarty has written a beautiful poem:


There is a rainbow in my

world today

The colours of you are


Red for love

Yellow for sun

That’s all I need to get the

day done.

Blue for the ocean

Green for the fields

The thought of these make

my heart yield.

There is a rainbow in my

world today

If you were here we could

run away

Run and find the end of that


Find our happiness, our own

pot of gold.

There will be a rainbow

someday soon

I know it

And so do you.

Option three was for you to write a ten-word story using all of the following words: PIZZAZZ, GODFREY, TWITTER and BAFFLED

Sacha Black always crafts a funny ten-worder:

Godfrey, the work idiot, was utterly baffled by twitter’s pizzazz.

Sarah Evans is enjoying the challenge of the mini-story:

Godfrey tried using Twitter. Got baffled, then he disappeared, Pizzazz!

Next up is Jocelyn Barker with a clever story:

Baffled at first, Godfrey now uses Twitter with pizzazz. Wow!

Rajiv‘s is also very witty:

Godfrey thought pizzazz was pizza. Baffled, he could only Twitter!

Jason Moody entertains with four stories:

Godfrey, full of creative pizzazz, took to Twitter, completely baffled.

Twitter baffled Godfrey. Show tunes and pizzazz were his forte.

“Use Twitter? Where’s the pizzazz?” Godfrey gasped, a little baffled.

It baffled Godfrey, the lack of pizzazz on that Twitter.

Here’s David Harrison’s ten-word story to finish:

“Twitter pizzazz!” cried Godfrey, baffled by tweets in the brain.




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28 Responses to My Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. JasonMoody77 says:

    Option 2

    Am I too fat?
    Am I Too thin?
    Let’s all buy Company
    The answer’s within.

  2. JasonMoody77 says:

    Option 2

    It’s an age-old adage
    So let me begin
    It’s not what you see
    It’s what is within

    Hair will grey
    Skin will wrinkle
    Teeth will loosen
    And lips will crinkle

    Wolf whistles cease
    The eyes look elsewhere
    But inside you are gorgeous
    Beautiful and fair

  3. kim881 says:

    I have a limerick and a poem to offer this week, Esther:

    The girl with the hula hoop hips
    When ask for hula hoop tips
    Said, ‘If you want to try it,
    You must give up the diet,
    Keep chunky with plenty of chips.’


    When you see beauty
    You will know
    The tightening of your chest
    Will tell you so
    It could be a winter sunset
    Or the leafiness of a tree
    The flight of a bird
    Or its tuneful melody
    The resonance of a word
    A vibrant work of art
    The colour of a flower
    A sonnet’s rhyming couplet
    Or the first stolen hour
    With the one you love
    You will know beauty

  4. JasonMoody77 says:

    Option 3

    Cordelia, the nincompoop, dipped her snickersnee in marmalade. The skullduggery!

  5. JasonMoody77 says:

    Option trios

    “Skulduggery, you Nincompoop!” Cried Cordelia. Her snickersnee dripping with marmalade.

  6. JasonMoody77 says:

    “Marmalade skullduggery, Cordelia,” cried Blackbeard, waving his beloved snickersnee, Nincompoop.

  7. TanGental says:

    A piece of Echo verse..

    Beauty is in the eye
    am always told.
    claims perhaps for
    chaps or
    lassies whose sight
    be not
    it used to be.

  8. Le Fragi says:

    A hula-hoop from somewhere near Neath
    Was fitted with a set of sharp teeth
    This now dangerous toy
    Was not purposed for joy
    And was released into the wild on Blackheath.

    There once was a hula-hoop named Clive
    Who was taught to count up to five
    “One… Two… Three… Four…
    And if he added one more…
    But, to jump through hoop is no way to survive.

    A hula-hoop salesman from Kildare
    Sold only hoops that were perfectly square
    He sold quite a lot
    But, for sport they were not
    People used them as frames – which is fair.


  9. Rajiv says:

    I could not come up with something on beauty yet… Let’s see. But, here is a ten word one for you”
    “What skullduggery!! Codelia, you nincompoop! You bombed Marmalade and Snickersee!”

  10. Le Fragi says:

    NB for the beat effect this Limerick should be read out in English with a French accent – G:)

    “La Houp is refusing to sing!”
    “La Houp? That’s an unheard of thing!”
    “He says he will not
    Until he is shot.”
    “Who? La Houp?”
    “No! The conductor, Kerching!”

  11. Le Fragi says:

    A hula-hoop fanatic from Poole
    Hula-hooped on a bike – what a fool
    He tried looping the loop
    No awards did he scoop
    But, the speedway fans thought he was cool.

    “Arrrrrrr!” (Poole Pirates they be called)


    Whilst hula-hooping in space one fine night
    The planet Saturn decided it just might
    Stand on one leg
    Whilst it juggled an egg;
    To be honest it was a wonderful sight.


    A French hen tried hooping la hoop
    One quiet day when stuck in the coop
    She hadn’t much space
    But, with flair and much grace
    She managed to dazzle the troupe.


    A writer wrote about hula-hoop
    Many times; in a sort of rhyme soup
    Until, at the last
    His necessity passed
    And his hula-hoop started to droop.

  12. Le Fragi says:

    The Dream of a Potato

    I dreamed a dream
    Wherein ‘I’ was the king of the Potatoes;
    They called me Eddy
    (Even though my name was Vince);
    Before that, I had been king of the Tomatoes
    In Tomatoeland – but; I had to leave,
    And… hadn’t been there since.

    In Potatoeland,
    My rule was firm, yet, as soon revealed;
    A demanding one,
    My eyes, I had to keep them peeled.

    As King of the Potatoes
    I was, as everybody ‘now’ knows
    In a position of power;
    I had a strange marching band
    With ninety-six tubers
    And one lone Piper
    Who would play a merry tune
    For an hour
    Or maybe more
    They’d parade and played ‘stranger upon the shore’ upon the shore.

    But, as dreams go
    This one went;
    I abdicated from the throne
    Of Potatoeland;
    Relinquished conducting my merry little band;
    And returned to my life
    Where I am just going to seed.
    And soon I shall be buried in the ground
    Indeed, it’s where it’s normal for a dic-tater to be found.


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